Argentina’s ‘Look’ Sewing Magazine (in Russian)

I just re-upped my subscription to the Russian ‘Pattern’ sewing magazine that a friend originally brought me from Ukraine. Each month they publish in Russian either selected patterns from the Italian La Mia Boutique or new to me Spanish language Look. This magazine has been hit or miss for me and this month is no different.

A few cute dresses

A few innaproproate tops

And a lot of kind of ugly

I have four more coming to me. If they don’t improve, they’ll be my last.


  1. eh, don’t feel bad. The August LMB was a ton heap of weird and unwearable, too. I like to think it’s just the dregs of the summer patterns so maybe this magazine is the same way. Maybe we’ll get a burst of good Fall stuff in the next issues…

    • I just found someone in Italy to exchange LMBs and Patrones for nail polish. Hopefully, those will have more of the good stuff.

  2. Just subscribed to ШИК myself, due to La Mia Boutique and Patrones features and realised they do this LOOK as well. I have never heard of it before and I am trying to find the links to the original magazine, but all I get is the Russian one. I have another issue featuring Look ( 6/2011) and have to say- they models are not the best, I probably wouldn’t really bother going out of my way for it. Although there was nothing ugly in that one- just uninspiring

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