Setting Myself Up for Failure?

I’ve been sewing like a bandit the last week because I’m a little behind in my China sewing. I lost a solid 1.5 weekends of sewing because the Vegan and I stopped seeing each other and I was actively engaged in perfecting my ability to eat popsicles in bed while in the fetal position. Of course, this took place in between wondering if I was ever going to sustain a long-term relationship and marathon watching of Being Erica. Happily, Trena came up to visit snap me out of it . We made pizza, drank some wine and now I’m generally back to my regularly scheduled life. Luckily, I tend to wallow for about a week and bounce back with vim, vigor and acute sarcasm. At anyrate, early in the planning process I planned to buy a blazer but never found one I liked. Now that my dress is done, I want to try to squeeze in one jacket. It’ll be cold on the plane, over air conditioned in my week of meetings and in the convention center at the trade fair. Plus, a jacket will extend my wardrobe from touring to business.

I’ve been obsessed and I mean OBSESSED with this trench style blazer from the April 2008 Burda for two years now. Oh, who am I kidding. I love trench and nautical. Period. I have the fabric on hand. A lovely linen cotton blend on clearance from Michael’s fabric a year or two ago. I just don’t know if I have the time. The Tracy Reese dress was finished last night  (photos to post on Friday or so) and this pattern traced out.

So, here’s the sewing plan:

  • Tonight, alter the pattern (unpetite, FBA, swayback adjustment) and get my fabric cut 
  • Wednesday night I want to interface and make the pockets and sleeve pleat thingies.
  • Thursday through Sunday. Sew in fits and spurts.

Ambitious, yes. And, I won’t beat myself up if it just doesn’t happen. I fly out in one week. Crazy, right?

On another note, does anyone know the answer to this? If I load my netbook up with rented iTunes movies, will I be able to play them in China? Netflix didn’t work in Canada, but I assume that is because streaming was needed. It seems to me that iTunes will be physcially on my computer and it shouldn’t matter. Anyone know?

Sigh. I should probably look into a Kindle soon. But, I’d rather just rent one for two weeks.


  1. That jacket is to die for, I can’t wait to see it finished. But, I don’t think it will be a warm maker on the plane. You need a little light wrap sweater or something, don’t touch those blankets. ew

    As for the videos- if they are downloaded on your machine, yes. If you have to stream, it will be hit or miss. I’m saving for an ipad for the flying and traveling in China in the future. And for whatever around town.

    Sorry about the vegan. 😦

  2. C – I really love the jacket and cannot wait to see the finished garment. You have time to make it. Trena to the rescue – yay! Very happy that you are feeling better.

  3. You can TOTALLY make that jacket in the time you have left. GO for it! You’ll need to pack a wrap, tho. The jacket is stylish, but probably not warm, being sleeveless and all.

    Sorry to hear about the Vegan. He’s totally missing out on the fabulousity of you. Glad to hear that Trena could cheer you!

  4. Great jacket – lots of fiddly bits, but I think you can do it!

    Sorry ’bout the Vegan, glad you’re over the hump! You should have no problems with the movies already on your computer; the problem is the international format; if you brought a disc of movies with you, they probably wouldn’t play in a Chinese machine, but if you’re watching them on your own laptop, no problem.

  5. It will be fun to see if you get to finish that jacket in time. We have a saying here that goes “every hoe have them stick a bush”…translation “everyone has someone out there who is their perfect fit”

  6. Netflix because it is streaming will not work in Asia according to my dd who as you know is living in Korea. I do not know if you can connect with the I tunes store, but any music on your computer will of course play. No Pandora in Asia either. There are illegal movie sites that can be accessed, but I don’t know what they are specifically.

  7. C – forgot to mention that “sorry about the Vegan” and agree with Nikole about “every hoe have dem tik a bush”. Very happy that you are past that now (everything happens for the best)! Much love!

  8. I didn’t have iTunes when I was there, but I think you should be good to go. Netflix streams the video. ITunes loads them onto your computer. You can then put it on your iPod or iPhone or iWhatever.

  9. I could make that in a week, but I have no life. Don’t you, like, work? But it will give you something to do while you are fretting about your trip. Have fun, BTW.

  10. Sorry about the Vegan, but I am of the opinion that men and women should NEVER live in the same house. Or maybe it’s just me. Yes, you can make this jacket in time and it will look incredible on you. I have a trench ready to cut and sew but am dragging my heels, so maybe you will inspire. On a separate note entirely, I want ALL of those top three nailpolishes to the right. They’re all gorgeous! Buy a Kindle. I want one, too.

  11. Love love love love love that jacket! I wish I had that issue just for that pattern! I can’t wait to see it finished. Good luck with your 1 week deadline!

  12. You are probably aware of this but don’t forget to get the right adaptors and converter so that you can charge up your electronics while there. Too sad to tote something on a trip and not be able to use it when the batteries die.

  13. Coming out of lurkeryness to say: Oh honey, that is his loss, just entirely. Plus: vegan! Now you can wear leather. Hurray!

    Yes, you should be able to watch movies you’ve downloaded on your netbook in China. Make sure you can watch them here and that you’re not streaming anything, but yes, they’ll work. (My iPod, laptop, and phone* all worked fine in China in 2008. *My phone’s a Windows world-band work-anywhere phone, though.)

    You’ll have such a wonderful trip. Marvelous!

  14. Oh — AND Ann is right about the power adapters (although your hotel may be able to loan you one in a pinch, maybe)—and they’re now selling the Kindle for $129. Screw renting one, at that price. I have one and I LOVE it.

  15. It took me a minute to figure out what made that top inappropriate. I thought, hmm, it has potential and then I realized that wasn’t a belt I was seeing.

  16. Boo-urns! To him. What’s wrong with him? But it’s gotta be a *little* less stressful cooking-wise, n’est pas?

    Go for the jacket! I loved that one too when I saw it. Dang, now I wanna make it too! I’ll add that to the list with the BWOF blouse you just finised, and the outfit for a wedding I’m going to early Oct and the 1883 bustle gown for a historical fashion show at the end of Oct, and the PhD I’m starting in 2 weeks! No Problem! lol

    Oh – and being Erica is just coming on right…..Now! You get it down there? I wasn’t so into it until recently. But, as a Toronto-native how can I not love a show that actually takes place there rather than it simply being used as a stand-in for somewhere else?

    Can’t wait to see the fab jacket-y thing!

  17. Nah — don’t see you in furs and leather. You need some more of those really dramatic cottons — batiks or whatever they were. They look ~so~ good on you. Just jump back in!

  18. That’s a great jacket, I’m looking forward to seeing your version so much. And sorry about the guy – it sucks, but hey, if you are in Toronto ever, and want someone else to drink wine with, I’m game!

  19. I think this garment is a slow train. But I’ve been in love with it since the pattern was published. The train hasn’t come into the station yet.

  20. Sigh. First he takes up a lot of time, then he continues? Sheesh. Hard to give up though, we understand.
    Anyway, love the look of the jacket, but I can’t help thinking that something with long sleeves would be better for the plane. How about a little cardigan or something wooly? Besides you never know, you may wander into a Chinese spot where you might need something warm in the evening, or even more likely be subjected to foreigner-grade air conditioning..

  21. Give us details on those sleeve ruffles – are they pleats or what?

    Also – for A/C you don’t need sleeves?

  22. OMG, OMG, OMG! I am pulling out the 4/08 WOF this very minute! I don’t know how I missed that adorable jacket.

    Sorry about the breakup but you know what they say about having to kiss a lot of frogs… Besides, you are a fabulous, single, jet-setting career woman! There’s plenty of time to settle down so enjoy it!

  23. Very cute jacket, it will be very versatile, wearing with a top underneath or just alone. Sorry to hear about the vegan.

  24. Sorry about the Vegan. I figure that every breakup gives you a better clue as to what to not look for next time around. Good luck with your jacket.

  25. Hmm, I thought you already made that jacket?? Maybe something similar. Sorry to hear about the Vegan. Obviously he just wasn’t good enough for you.

  26. Love, love, love that jacket. Since its such a pretty looking thing you are setting yourself up for victory no matter what.

  27. Mmm.. Reading the comments brings up another point. Your diet will surely improve (you might have been getting anemic..). But you should definitely plan on making yourself a fabulous leather jacket the instant you return :-)!

  28. Ha! Love Marie-Christine’s idea about the leather jacket.

    As for the vegan, you’re better off w/o him! Better choices next time.

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