Russian LMB Drapey Skirt Worn

When I left the country a few weeks ago we were in the mid 90s. I came back to highs in the mid 70s. So weird. Summer to fall in two short weeks!

Transitional clothing is always a bit of a challange, no? The good thing is, I had my first transitional skirt ready to go. This is the Russian LMB skirt I made up in August. Funny, when I made it up, it was too hot to model. Today, I’m wearing it with a turtleneck!

Here’s the back. I didn’t make a swayback adjustment on this. There’s a bit of pooling below my waist because of it.

Cute skirt. I have some striped knit that I think would be really fun in this. I suspect this will be made up a few more times in my immediate future.


  1. That is one of those designs that when I see the pattern I am going, “Ehh, I don’t know? What will those folds do to me?” I appreciate seeing it on a live body because it is a great skirt. Love the color. The skirt says “I am a hot contemporary city girl.” Great sewing. Great oufit.

  2. Must trace this pattern next time I’m in Baltimore!!! Love the skirt, perfect for this transitional weather. Though I’m not ready for the 70s. I thought we’d have a few weeks of low 80s.

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