Pattern Review: Jalie 2105, Ballet Skirt

I am terribly spoiled. Pretty much everything I want to do is within 15 minutes of me. So, last year when I started my Saturday morning adult beginner ballet class, it was ambitious of me to drive 40 minutes each way at 9:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning. So, I took a break this summer. Luckily, a new dance studio opened three miles and 10 minutes from me and I started my new class last Thursday.

In honor of the new studio, it was time for a new ballet ensemble. I decided to finally whip out my Jalie 2105 pattern and take a stab at the skirt. I mean seriously. There is no way I will ever dance without something covering my thighs. Today, three versions. The fabric is probably too busy for class. But, it was in the stash. At $1.50 a yard, this skirt couldn’t be cheaper. Consider ย that ballet skirts in the store *start* at $15.

For the skirt, I used a rolled hem on my serger to finish the edges. The first attempt, I made the skirt with the blanket binding by Dritz. It’s too wide and makes it tough to tie neatly. Plus, I imagine the wide ribbon will drive me a little nutty in class.

The second version I went back to the regular waistband. But, I drafted my own. I found the included waistband pattern pieces consistently too short. Maybe I was missing something. Or the bias stretched beyond repair. But, it just didn’t measure right for me.

My third and final version I added two inches of length to cover my rear end. ** This is by no means a ballet jump. I just wanted a vertical shot ๐Ÿ™‚ If you want to see a beautiful ballet pose, check withย The Selfish Seamstress. Who also has a free downloadable ballet skirt pattern.


I have the leotard cut out and will sew it up when I get around to changing my serger thread to a matching color ๐Ÿ™‚ I told my new instructor my goal was to have dancer’s legs *and* go on point by 37. She smiled patiently at me. Let’s see what happens.

It’s funny. When Jalie first came out. I didn’t ‘get’ it. But, I now have about 10 of their patterns stashed and have loved everything of theirs I’ve made. I’m totally in love with Jalie’s new dress pattern. But, have reminded myself that it’s all wrong for my body type. I think I need to remind myself again!


  1. Have fun in your new, closer class! New workout/dance clothes are always so motivating and I love your final black/red/white version. Perfect! I also enjoyed reading your posts about China.

  2. Love the dance skirts. All of them. Forget that Jalie skirt. But I’d love to see your version of Crepe, the new Colette pattern.

  3. You’ll look pretty cute in class! I’m glad you don’t have to drive as far, but I’ll miss not having the chance to see you.

  4. I like the ballet skirt but I have to ask why don’t you think the dress will work on you? I personally think you’ll look really cute in it!

  5. Aren’t the skirts ridiculously easy? I use 3/4 inch ribbon for DD since the RTW required ones at her studio use that. I can’t wait to see the leotard.

    • I was wondering about this. How is the waistband finished? Does the ribbon fold over? Or is the waist of the skirt nicely finished and just sewn straight onto the ribbon?

  6. How wonderful the class and those skirts are. i have often thought about a ballet or some other dance class. I did not know they had begging adult classes now there is something else on my bucket list.

  7. Jalie all the way for me. Only pattern company where I (as a beginner)get consistantly good results*

    *If I use appropriate fabric..

    cute skirts.

  8. Cute skirts!Isn’t it amazing how much they charge for the RTW ones? When my daughter was an ice skater, we always made her costumes from Jalie patterns

  9. Very cute! Gotta love quick and easy. I went so far as to buy pointe shoes in college, but alas, flat feet do not go en pointe–it is physically impossible for me to go all the way over. I hope you have better luck than I.

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