Serger Down

My Euro Pro serger has the *worst* customer service. In 2007, I ordered two sets of knives for my machine.  I finally got around to switching out my old blades for the 2007 blades this week. While trying to serge my leotard, the knives were just chewing up my fabric. Turns out they are dull. Meaning, my brand new knives that I finally needed to use have no knife sharp edge. Smooth like butter. I called Euro Pro in Montreal to ask for an exchange and there’s nothing they can do since the warranty / exchange is for 90 days, not three years. I’m not sure why, but last time it took over two months for me to get my knives last time. So, no serger for the forseable future. And, after owning a serger, a sewing machine finish just  won’t cut it for me. So, for the next few weeks I’ll be tracing and muslining and making things that don’t really need a serger finish.

So, this weekend I’m working on Hot Patterns 1092, The Classix Noveau Pyramid Bag.

I plan to make this out of black leather. I asked the guys at our printshop to reduce the pattern for me by 40% after reading from many that they found the size a bit unweildy. As you can see, I still traced the pattern out because I wasn’t sure if I was going to want to make alterations. Plus, I couldn’t find my ‘paper’ scissors and Trena said under no uncertain terms I could use my fabric scissors.

At a smaller size I also felt it would better, replicate the look of this Trouve bag. The pewter version looks even more similar.

Here’s how it looks in my muslin as compared to my Fossil bag (Nordstrom says the Fossil bag is an Extra Large)  which measures 15″W x 10″H x 5 1/2″D. The original Pyramid bag is 22 inches wide.  My draft is 9 inches wide at the base. Maybe 11 at the widest.

*** ETA: I’m going to ask them to reduce the pattern by 25 percent vs 40. I compared my muslin to other med – large bags I have and think it’ll be a better size for me.

I feel like it’s a hair too small. If it were wider on the bottom by 1.5 to 2 inches on each side, I think I’d be happier with it. It is big enough to hold my Blackberry, personal cell, wallet, makeup, lotion and Nook. Does it *really* need to be bigger?  I’m loathe to go back to the print shop and ask them for a 30 percent reduction. You know? Of course, I could just take it to Kinkos.

What do you think?  Am I just used to really big purses or should it be a little bigger?


  1. I would just order two knives from them and return the dull ones for refund using the same invoice.

  2. Go with your gut. I’ve never seen you go wrong when you do – but regret it when you don’t. You have great instinct.

    Therefore, I say you should make it larger.

  3. Why don’t you just get a new serger and sell this one? All other sergers are headaches as compared to the babylock ones

  4. Definitely larger. Some bag designs look great small, but IMO the style of this bag calls for the larger version. I think it’s in the slouch. 🙂 Can’t wait to see your finished version. I know it’ll be hot!

  5. I’m in the “buy a Babylock and be done with it” camp. However, I hear Brother makes a great serger for less money–the 1034D or something? Anyway, sorry to hear about the serger being down. If you think you won’t be happy with the bag, make it bigger–I’m one of those that if there is space left in the bag, I will find a way to fill it with receipts, you name it. So I stick with one as small as possible. But that’s just me. 😉 You could make a “trial version” and carry it for a couple of days…?

  6. Wonder if you might find someone nearby who can sharpen those serger blades for you? I’ve a Janome 634D and used to have a retired person locally who did simple sewing machine repairs AND sharpened serger blades along with scissors and knives. Unfortunately he moved and I now get re-sharpened knives from a Janome dealer. But serger blades look quite simple to sharpen. In any event — I’m glad you’ve found a good alternative to using the serger in the meantime.

  7. Renee, email me a photo of your knives and I’ll see if I have any at the shop. Your knives may also not be aligned properly (not close enough to cut) so you might check that too. Of course, a new Baby Lock would be nice too. If I didn’t have my industrial I’d definitely buy one!

    I think you could increase the size of the bag just a wee bit.

  8. My serger is a Bernette Funlock and it is about 20 years old. I love it and I’ve only had it in the shop once, and that was to replace a blade. It will be a sad day when I have to go without it. I was considering buying an industrial serger a while back, but after looking at the pricetags, I decided to just get by with my bare bones machine. HOpe yours will be up and running soon.

  9. I hear the Babylocks are really good, but my hubby bought me a White (now owned by Viking Huskvarna) in 1990 and I’ve only had it to the shop once when the power switch shorted out. He bought it from a local Viking dealer and she carries all the blades, and they fix the machines right there. I’d love to trade it for one with an easier-to-get-at rolled hem and a differential feed, but the dern think just keeps on ticking, so I can’t justify giving it up.

  10. I can’t imagine that serger knives would be a proprietary design. Save your old blades, and next time you’re in NY or something, see whether you can find the same, elsewhere.

    As to reducing the bag by shrinking the printout, I think it’s a mistake. The top of the bag seems to be a fine size, it’s just the body that’s too big, and you should only reduce that. You wouldn’t add butt room in a dress by enlarging the whole thing, would you?

  11. Go to Kinko’s and get the 30% reduction, you will be happier with the bigger bag. I have been experimenting with bags for the last few weeks. I tried the Vogue 8680 and to me the bag is gigantic. The women who are 20 years younger than me love the size of the bag. You remind me of them, so go with the bigger bag.

  12. Hope you can decide what to do with your bag, you should trust your instinct after all you are the one making the bag! It has a lovely shape to it.
    I hope you decide to buy a reliable overlocker that is well supported by its manufacturer- I have the Bernina 800DL and its so beautiful, perfect, consistent stitches, and no tantrums-I’m in love!

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