Proportion Calculator

I was never very good at math. In fact, I was so bad, that despite being accepted into the Honors program at my alma mater (Go Terps!) and being in the Limited Enrollment journalism program, I placed in Math 001. Not, 101. 001. Remedial math. While damaging my ego, I sorely needed it. So, that means I should have tried to figure out the new proportions for my Pyramid Bag on my own. I knew I wanted the width to be 15 vs 22 inches and did some bad fractioning. When, in fact, I should have used a Proportion Calculator!

When I went back to the print shop they asked me what size I wanted it to be and just-like-that they told me a  32% reduction would get me there (I was going to ask for 25% vs the 40% I had).

Here’s my new pattern compared with my old. This should give me the few extra inches I wanted:

I’ll barely manage to get it cut this weekend. Lots going on!

I also want to say ‘THANK YOU’ to Rosie for her brilliant taste and adding a little Chanel to my life 🙂 I met Rosie when I was in New York last. Like my dad, she’s Jamaican. She reminds me in all the good ways of my college roommate.

I also have to thank Carolyn for sending me the September BWOF. Somehow, it never made it to my house. She sent it lickety split and GLP News extended me one extra month.

Also, sorry for the wild ‘Download’ post goosechase yesterday. That was meant to be a tab at the top, not a blog post. I do have a scanned sloper from Mrs. Stylebook. But, I’m waiting / trying to get permission from the original poster of it. She took the time to scan it, but her website is now down and I’ve sent her a PM on hoping to get a response. Once and if she says, ‘yes’, I’ll unlock the password so it can be downloaded.


  1. C – you are “sew” worth the Chanel polishes. I hope you are enjoying them. This color (Khaki Vert) looks fantastic on you. I think I have a bit too much Chanel in my life (not)! Oooh I cannot wait to see the bag. Muah!!

  2. Glad you figured out the math…or at least go some help. That polish is hotness. I saw a review for it. I bought OPI’s Shrek green instead. Should have gone with the Chanel.

  3. Lots of people are mathematically challenged. My second son’s roommate was VERY impressed because my son had placed into College Algebra, whereas roomie was in remedial math. That made my son feel really good, because he was much dumber at math than the brothers immediately above and below him. But charm and literacy make up for a lot, don’t they?

  4. I love, love, love this nailpolish. I am intrigued by this bag and I think I’m going to order the pattern. I am going overseas for a month and want a good oversized bag. I’m seeing cherry red faux suede … maybe I’ll wait until I see how you go!

  5. I love these proportion calculators…my brain explodes when someone eve says math, so it’s just best for the environment that I use the calculator and not try to do this on my own.

    Time for Halloween so here’s something really spooky, but I’m gifted at arranging pattern pieces on a length of fabric to get the most out of the fabric. Not sure what’s going on there – probably I want to make it work, and don’t think of it as math.

  6. On a topic not related to this post… if I may…

    My BabyLock Crafters Choice machine just DIED MISERABLY for the second time this year. The first time, back in February, I drove the 2 hours to the nearest authorized service center to get it fixed. Yeah, right.

    Has anyone else had experience with Baby Lock? Are they always this junky? I’d love input from the sewing community. Thanks.

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