Holiday Weekend

This weekend helped with my sadness over my lack of sewing. Arielle is in the US visiting family from Haiti and I’ve had her in Baltimore the last 48 hours.  Marji is busy sailing the world and is in the Baltimore / Annapolis area and had a few of us over on her boat. Robin (who I don’t see enough of considering we are both in Baltimore) and BeeBee were on board. And, to my great surprise, there was Susan Khalje.

I may have sounded a bit stalkerish in that I was quoting her from PR Weekend LA two years ago. It’s hard not to gush.

So, while I didn’t actually get any sewing done, I spent pretty much my entire afternoon, on a boat, on gorgeous fall day, drinking wine and talking about sewing with friends. Seriosuly, good times.

I had grand plans with Arielle this weekend. We were going to work on slopers. We were going to see a textile exhibit at the Baltimore Museum of Art. We were going to go fabric shopping at A Fabric Place. But, what we did is get breakfast at Blue Moon (a two hour wait I might add for thier Capt. Crunch French Toast) and hit Joann Fabrics.

Time really does fly when you’re having fun. I have to admit, I kept making her call me Renee-Cidell. It’s SO MUCH MORE elegant with her French accent. Be warned all readers who speak the French. Should we meet, please be prepared to keep saying my name 🙂


  1. Great group of people to spend time with. I love Susan. Ahh the language of love … mon amie Renee Cidell.

  2. What a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the beautiful weather when you have it. Nothing warms the soul like good friends, good food, and a lovely sunny day.

  3. I think that this post was supposed to make us envious, It worked!!!! Looks like a fabulous time.

  4. But wait, was the french toast good? And speaking of stalkerish I saw you riding your bike by my house on Friday and thought about yelling out hi but realized that you would have NO Idea who I am. 🙂 The internets are crazy that way.

  5. What a fun group of people. So glad the weather finally cooperated so you could enjoy the visit outside on this beautiful weekend. I LOVE Blue Moon….and I think the French Toast is worth the wait, IMHO.

  6. Mais bien sûr, Renée ! 😉

    (you know, strangely enough, I like Renée better in English than in French. But then I love French words that have become part of the English vocabulary, and are pronounced “à l’anglaise”. Like ballet, pâté, gourmet, and heck, even crochet! :D)

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  7. I should photo-shop myself into the picture, non? C’est tres bon weekend. Or at least day on the water. It was great to actually meet you. Come down and sew with me before I have to move.

  8. You know, every friend I’ve shown that last photo, thinks I look really great in it…so I’m stealing it for my profile LOL!

    And I’m friending everyone who was there on FB and on their blogs. I had great fun. What a relief, I am NOT crazy (well, not too much) and, more important, I am not alone in this obsession 😉

  9. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me (well, as long as the boat didn’t sail anywhere, I find sailing terrifying!!).

  10. Cap’n Crunch French Toast and Sewing Friends! I must make it to that cafe- I’ve heard it’s always a long wait to get in.

    Thank you so much for bringing Arielle. I really enjoyed seeing you Sunday. Laughing is good for the soul. It gets the oxygen to get way deep into the cracks.

  11. I haven’t been fabric shopping with friends for years. the Cap’n Crunch French Toast sounds like a novelty. It sounds like great times!

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