The Jalie 2105 Leotard (and another skirt)

I’m taking ballet twice a week now to meet my en pointe goal. And, I love it. My Thursday night class is full of women my age. Awesome. None of us can do splits and we all grunt through the stretches. Saturday class is me and a 16 year old. A very flexible 16 year old. A very flexible 16 year old with some long legs. We’ll be dancing the recital together in December. It’s quite remarkable how her knees make absolutely no popping noises in plies. It’s a funny thing. I have the mental discipline in my 30s for ballet but not the physical. She has the physical ability, but not the mental discipline. It’s really a balancing act, isn’t it?

The photo below is totally illustrative of my body type. Big sway back, protruding seat and muscular front thigh.

The reviews for the Jalie leotard on PR are all for small children. Everyone thought the legs were too high cut for a small child. I made up the pattern using wicking material from Montreal. I think the legs as drafted are too high for a ‘ballet cut’ leotard. That being said, the pattern does not profess to be a ballet leotard. My RTW leotards have a lower leg and more rear coverage. In truth, overall a high cut leg is more flattering on me, it just doesn’t feel ‘ballet’. It feels more ‘dance’.

This pattern also has raglan sleeves. I have since discovered I prefer sleevelees. I’m also not a huge fan of the neckline and it’s interesting that the back is much lower than the front. (Ugh. Back fat.)  I *have* to wear a sports bra or two when I work out, so I think I want a a higher back or a t-strap back to my leotard and lower in the front. I don’t want this to sound like a negative review as it’s not. It’s just not what I need for a leotard pattern. That being said, the instructions are excellent and it’s perfectly drafted.

I'm jumping and look so much like my mother I was startled

I have two Kwik Sew patterns that I hope to make up next weekend in some cotton interlock from Joann Fabric. A new leotard runs about $21 through my dance studio. Making my own is about $15. No great savings. But, they are fast and I can get them in colors I really like this way 🙂

The skirt is Jalie also and from silky something from Joanns. I wanted something a little more see-through. The skirt is around $8 to make. I still like the skirt pattern with a self drafted belt.


  1. The fit is great but I agree with the style changes you want to make. I assume that you will make them to this pattern since it does fit well. The skirt is adorable. Seems perfect for ballet class.

  2. Its interesting how your sewing reflects your life. Whatever you are involved in, shows in what you sew. Very kewl leotard and skirt.

  3. Love the skirt!!! You did an awesome job! I noticed your comment about having to wear 2 sports bras…you should try an Enell Sports Bra. You only need to wear one and it helps to eliminate bounce and motion during workouts. They are on sale at:

  4. You have a lovely figure – but then you must know that; most people wouldn’t have the nerve to put a photo of them in a leotard on the internet! I don’t see a problem with bra straps showing – they are functional and not ugly, though personally I would watch the colours to make sure they didn’t show through the front very much. I took dance lessons from the age of 3 to 16. We never wore skirts to class. Our dance teacher declared our uniform to be leotards and tights or leotards and fishnets (very daring back then…). Hope you enjoy your dance at least as much as you enjoy your sewing!

  5. When I was dancing we would pull the legs up to get that high cut look… it is a flattering line. But so true… that only works if you still have the rear coverage!
    I miss my dancing days… good for you for pursuing it! You are inspiring.
    And look good in a leo.

  6. I don’t have a problem with bra straps either, and you can solve that with a bra that more or less matches the outfit.

    However I think you’d obsess less about your butt and thighs if you wore less contrast around them. OK, maybe not white tights :-), but one of those nude-ish tones? (never mind the nude and skin tone controversy, however justified, I’m only looking at the existing leotards here)

    If not the same color head to toe, that’s too boring, at least colors with reasonably similar values. You’re not a high-contrast sort of person, especially when you dye your hair to sort of match your skin :-), so a not-so-high contrast style of dress might work better on the whole? Just quoting which I’ve found very good counsel..

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