For Sale: Non Sewing Impulse Buy

While in China, I made a total impulse buy. My cell phone was due for an upgrade and I fell in love with this cute compact style one. I thought it would work here in the US since my US cell phone worked in China. Wrong. It doesn’t. It’s on a different frequency. I’m listing the phone here on Evil Bay in case you might be interested.

It’s a GSM 900 frequency, you can check this list and see if it works in your country first. It appears to work everywhere else EXCEPT North America. Grrrrr. Please save yourself the effort of asking me why I would buy a phone in another country without knowing if it would here. I’ve asked myself that a dozen times already. I even thought about making it my travel phone.  But, that’s just silly. I’m more sad I won’t be able to use it. I’m totally a gadget person and this one was supercute. I held on to it for a while trying to see if there was a way to change the frequency. No such luck.

Today’s sewing project:

Cut out fabric and lining for a new coat dress. I have Tuesday off for Election Day and plan on sewing for a solid 12 hours 🙂



  1. The phone is cute (though I don’t really like clamshells or whatever they are called). Oh, and here, phones from North America don’t work. You have to have them more or less legally “unlocked”. Don’t ask me more details, LOL!

    All my phones are locally bought Nokias, basic model so as to discourage thieves.

    Love this fabric and the one for the previous dress. I’m on a sewing blitz myself, long week-end for La Toussaint. Had to clean my sewing space first but am cutting out things now. I need stuff for work.

  2. You are not the first person to do this; people buying electrical appliances for people who live in other countries all into this mistake all…the…time.
    However, you do have a 12-hour sew-marathon to look forward to!!! That fabric looks wonderful.

  3. If you think about it most of the electronic items worldwide are made in China so buying something there doesn’t seem so bad. I’ve learned though that you just have to make sure the frequencies are correct the person who told me this was in the same situation you are in; Chinese phones work very well here in JA

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