Totally and Completely Over It

I am totally and completely over two things. The first, Project Runway. The second, the new pattern sheets in Burda.

I read in the blogosphere about the Burda changes. I thought people were overreacting. I thought how can it be that bad? I’ve traced  La Mia Boutique, Patrones, Knip Mode and others. Well. You know what? It *is*that bad. I seriously struggled tracing out a jacket today. And, I’m pretty sure it’s still not right.

Here’s hoping I just get used to it.

Project Runway speaks for itself.

Totally and completely over it.

Alright. I hate to blog without a photo. Here’s the coat fabric I bought two weeks ago at Guss Woolens in Baltimore. It’s a gorgeous double side wool Italian tweed. How Italian? Oscar de le Renta baby! It was originally $33 a yard. I snagged the last 3.5 yards for less than $30 total. Yeah. That’s how I got my coat groove back.


  1. I agree with you about Project Runway and I love the fabric you bought. What an incredible purchase ,can’t wait to see pictures of the coat!

  2. I recently got my hands on some Burda patterns and I’m confused. So far I’ve only had the courage to look at the sheets and felt completely cross eyed when I was done

  3. It’s so good to hear that someone else is struggling with the same problem. The Burda magazine sheets were bad enough before, but now they just give me a headache. 😦 Ooh, love the fabric, can’t wait to see the coat you make with it. 🙂

  4. I’m mostly over Burda in general. I let me subscription go after Jan 2010, and even sold off 12/09 & 01/10 because there was just nothing for me anymore; we’ve mostly gone separate ways. I’m also pretty pi**ed off about the whole internets fiasco with Burdastyle. So I don’t know how the pattern sheets have changed. What did they do to them? I did get the June or July one, but haven’t done anything with it yet (and am actually wondering if I should have gotten it after all) so haven’t studied the sheets. Have they crammed more patterns on each and reduced the number of them?

    Dee-lishus fabric btw. I wanna touch-a,touch-a,touch-a, touch it! (I still have Rocky Horror stuck in my head from this week’s Glee).

    • I don’t love it like I used to. But, I’m afraid the minute I stop subscribing, there will be the one pattern I want to make! The change in the pattern sheet is they’ve gone from four sheets to two. It’s better than in the 70s when they were all one color. But, I was really hunting today.

  5. Were they green lines on the pattern pieces? I find green particularly challenging. Last night’s tracing was black and I find that easier. While I don’t like word searches, that’s how I decided to look at. “Piece #22, where are you?” Seemed to help!

    • They were green! I felt like they just blended right in. What I need to maybe try is going over it with a highlighter or something? But, you’re right. It was like hunting!

  6. Totally with you on Project Runway. Since I watch it on DVR, I’ll probably watch through the runway shows and not bother with the judging anymore.

    Lucious wool – hope you get a copy of that Vogue pattern for it.

  7. Oh no. I noticed it was thinner, I even looked to see if they were missing a sheet, but I haven’t opened one up yet. This might be my last straw…

  8. The pattern sheets are SO FRUSTRATING! I traced off a kids size coat a few days ago and I had to go over the lines with a highlighter to be sure I could trace the correct one. Argh.

  9. My subscription to BWOF, or whatever they are calling it these days, is up in January, and I don’t think I’m going to renew it. I have never been a fan of tracing patterns to begin with, and the styles of late haven’t been interesting enough to make me change my mind.

    As far as Project Runway, I think there is a major case of burnout there. Between the crack-tastic judging and the surfeit of drama queens, it’s become a parody of itself. When sad Wal-mart clothes win the day over fashion, it’s time for the show to go away.

  10. Yeah, tracing Burda is bad. I don’t mid tracing, but this is harder than having to translate languages I don’t know in Knip and Patrones.
    Project Runway? Were they on crack? Gretchen’s collection was boring, and ugly. The show is boring these days.

  11. I just finished a blouse from the new Burda and thought I had prepared myself for all tracing eventualities. But I made a mistake anyway even with black pattern lines.

    I can live with Burda still but I hate that they have made it so easy for us to make mistakes and get all annoyed with our sewing.

  12. I’ve never gotten into Project Runway. The wrong people win, the workmanship is crappy, and Heidi Klum is egotistical. And the styles are not workable in the everyday world.

  13. So Baltimore has a “real fabric store”? wish i was closer. Absolutely gorgeous fabrics. And you, Celie are quite the super talented sewing diva!

  14. Yeah – been over PR for a while…when they seem to be more interested in ratings than in seeing the best person win. Too bad cause it brought a lot of attention to hand crafting of clothing that has been desperately over-looked for so long. Hopefully someone/show can pick up the slack and put on something that’s dramatic and yet authentic and honest – what a concept – honest!

    I’m doing OK on the BurdaStyle patterns, but they are difficult and if you’re not sure, it does get tricky.

  15. The same things are on my mind! I really miss the old Burda website. I keep subscribing as I know the styles are just 2+ years ahead, so soon enough prairie dresses and peasant wear will be workable states-side. Re: Project Runway what I miss the most now is the close attention to the sewing process. Before, I felt like I actually picked up some things on pattern drafting, draping, and sewing techniques. Now it is just about the people, not the clothes, talent or anything. I hope Tim Gunn jumps ship.

  16. I used to love PR but this season it was more like “The Real Queens of New York”. It was all about the bad attitudes and back stabbing instead of the clothes. And Nina’s pregancy hormones got the best of her a few times…serious snarkdom!

  17. Did you have a look to see if the pattern is downloadable at the Burdastyle (or whatever it is called these days) site? They all seem to cost $5 but if you really want this pattern, it might be worth it.

  18. Don’t get Project Runway (its only on cable in Sydney) so can’t comment, but I’m with you on Burda. Not only the stingy printing of patterns but the repeating of old designs.

  19. I’m so frustrated with Burda–I love the patterns, and I only got one issue before they started cramming. It’s so hard on the eyes! I have been highlighting and tracing, but it’s awful. Thanks for blogging about it–they should listen to you!

  20. OT completely, but in this month’s Threads what did I see but an English translation of Pattern Magic by Tomoko Nakamichi available through Betcha can’t guess what I’m ordering today!

  21. We get Project Runway a few years behind here so I can’t comment n that, but I’m perfectly fine with the new Burda sheets. Using the numbers along the edge means I can find the pieces more easily – I get a mental picture of the shape from the layout diagram, and away I go. Maybe it’s easier for me since I don’t have tracing paper on top of it to interfere?

    Anyway, Burda’s new sheets are still MILES less congested than Manequim’s. If the patterns are good enough, I’ll put up with just about anything. And finally, Burda’s are getting good again after 6 months of sh*te at the beginning of the year.

  22. PR has lost its way. The best part is Tim Gunn and they aren’t showing us enough of the workroom scenes. That’s what everyone is watching for. We’re inspiration “lookers”. I’m going to tune into “The Fashion Show” next week and see if they are better. They have some top notch talent anyway. I like the format of design houses. Hope they do better than PR. Love your fabric.

  23. Ha ha! Actually, even the new not-improved Burda sheets are better than the very first ones, where they didn’t even have the sizes of the same thing together, so you had to trace at least 3 times to be able to grade anything. When I look back at some of these, I am still boggled that I was able to do anything at all. It was training by masochism :-).

  24. I have the Oscar de la Renta embroidered coat with matching skirt and pants made from that fabric! I bought them on ebay from a seller who put up a terrible picture, so there was no competition and I got a bargain. I was so pleasantly surprised when I received it. It is gorgeous fabric! The coat is very simple, except for the wool embroidery, which is hand done. This fabric is from the runway line of Oscar, not one of the lower priced lines. You are so lucky to have found it!

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