Okay, Download Away


Well, not to be accused of having little to no follow through, I should talk about the Mrs Stylebook Sloper Along, right? I emailed the original scanner of the slopers and did not hear back. So, I’m opening them up to the world.

This is the multi darted sloper. The measurements are in centimeters and based on your bust size. I think we can start the sloper-a-long in January. Is that too far away? I’m afraid with the holidays you’ll be too busy to work on it. I love holiday sewing. My parents are out of state / country.  I purposefully make few social / family committments so I just sew to my heart’s content 🙂

Please go here to Downloads and select your size. I had mine printed up in the office print shop. But, you can take to Kinkos or such and tell them to print at 100 percent.

I’ll post a timeline over the weekend. The plan is to work on our slopers and then jointly make the same simple dress using the drafting schematic from a Mrs. Stylebook. I’ve written suggested supplies here.

And now, I am off to pre-shrink wool. I head to NY tomorrow for a quick trip. My shopping list is just embarassing at this point.

And, of course, if there are any experienced MSB drafter or Japanese speakers who want to volunteer as this will be the blind leading the blind, I am not too proud to accept your help!


  1. I downloaded both of them. It looks like I am on the borderline between the two bust sizes. This is very exciting. I have been wanting to learn pattern drafting.

    • Who knows. Maybe. I’ve never grasped the rules. I figure it’s available in the magazines so as long as everyone participating buys a magazine my conscience is clear.

  2. I am in. I have never done a sew along before. Hopefully I won’t alienate all the other sew along participants. I have the slopers in the magazine from summer of 09 when they published them, so I guess I’m set.

  3. Ooooh, how timely. I’ve been thinking I really need to make me a sloper. Can we assume it’s high bust, not full? I’d love it if you were to do a run of this game in time for producing a Christmas party dress… but understand if it would be impossible.

    • Hmmmm. What I might do is use my 1/2 scale slopers to show an overall pattern draft. That I’ve done. I’ve never done it full size 🙂

    • Yes. According to the photo in the magazine it is high bust. The Bunka books show them adjusting for a full bust separately.

  4. I just did a quick check and if you are proficient enough in photoshop you can print it at home. Just from initial markings it looks like 8 letter sized papers/6 legals ones

  5. Well, I’m in. I’m still obsessing over slopers and dressforms so…it’s on! And January isn’t too far.

    As for sewing over the hollidays, since my immediate family has moved out of the country massively in the last few years, I guess I’m going to have a sew-a-thon myself, LOL!

  6. Ok, sorry, it was time for lunch and that was inintelligible, LOL! I meant that the photo with the instructions comes out blurry on 8×11 but the second one with the actual slopper is perfectly clear. I’m refering, of course, to the downloads on the other page. I’ll figure it out.

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