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You Need a Man to Carry That for You!

When planning my quick 36 hours in New York, I knew I wanted to get some fabric block fused / interfaced. I first heard about Quick Fuse and Cut from LindsayT. It’s conveniently across the street from Botani. There, you can get lengths of fabric block fused on the cheap. I pretty much took every piece of fabric I thought I would ever make into a jacket or coat (and would fit in my carryon size bag). I also took Trena’s with me since she was going to be in meetings during the day. In total, we’re talking six different wools equaling 13 yards (and what felt like 30 pounds of material getting off the E at 34th Street) for a cost of $35 to fuse**. Sweet baby carrots! That represents hours upon hours of fusing.  My dislike of fusing has truly kept me from being bothered and sewing coats and jackets. And, unlike Gigi, I do not fuse for life. I fuse ‘cuz I gotta.  Igor (who is literally from Transylvania) lets you pick out the different weight interfacing you want used.

I mostly used weft (right) but went lightweight tricot (left) with this accidentally felted purple. They also have lighter colored interfacings.

Just one problem. When I went to get the material, they rolled it up like a carpet — about six feet tall and eight inches round. And, HEAVY. Since the store was closed, there was no one there to unroll it and put it into bags. I was struggling down Seventh Avenue with what looked to be a dead body or a Turkish Rug in my arms / over my shoulder / on the ground. Yes, that was me cursing my lot!  I was walking down the street with NancyK and some man, sitting and smoking, says, “Baby, you need a man to be carrying that for you.”  Yet, he didn’t get up off his tuchas to help. All I could say was, “Yes. I know!” Can I also add that I love NY because either I’m cuter there or men are far more comfortable telling you how cute you are on the street. Either way, I can take it for 36 hours.

All I could think about was how this was going to get on the bus and how this was going to fit in my itsy bitsy car once I got to Baltimore. Or, how I was going to carry that, my backpack / suitcase and my carry on size bag of technical knit. Luckily, my sewing friends came to my rescue and helped me cleanly unroll 13 yards of fabric, pack it away and carry it to my bus from the bar. I lurv them.

So, I think this is absolutely my new thing. Each trip, two pieces of material will get fused. I have about four more that I’d like to get done. I feel a lot of jacket makin’ goin’ on.

** Well, I paid an additional $26 too. The guy wasn’t there, the store was closed when I got there at 3:30. I begged them to give me my material as I was leaving town that evening. I didn’t know if the price included the interfacing (which is $2 a yard) and I didn’t want anyone to get in trouble.