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What Would You Do?

I hate ripping out seams. Especially after serging.

I’m working on the #101 dress from the February 2009 Burda Magazine. I’ve had the lining cut out for at least three weeks but haven’t sewn in that time frame. Last night I *finally* had a couple hours to sew and ran to the sewing room to work on this. It’s taking so long to construct that I fear losing interest.

Here’s where I got last night.  No bad for two hours work, eh? Except. I forgot to interface the front facing. *tththhbbbpppptttt* I had a little phone consultation with Trena. She said I needed to take it out, recut the facing and interface it. I wanted to cry. Not because it’s an obscene amount of work. But,  because I was tired and had fought with  the sleeve insertion taking it out, reinserting and still fudging. I was just ready to move on.

I realized I left off the interfacing because the facing seemed a bit off grain. But, in the light of morning, it’s not looking that bad to me. I think I’m going to cut interfacing, fuse into the seam line and call it a day.

What do you think? Rip it? or just Retroactively fuse it?