I Should Be Charged With Neglect

Because, *whimper* I left the infamous Knip Mode skirt in a NYC bar last week. Never to be seen again. I realized it several days later and by the time I called there was no sign of it. I am sick about it.

Because, I washed clothes two weeks ago and accidently had the wool dress in warm instead of cold and the wool shrunk.

Because I did the same with this dress and now they both reside with a skinner friend.


So, I’m starting winter down three garments. Grrrr. I do not have enough clothes to be as careless as I’ve been 😦



  1. You’ve sure had a run of unfortunate clothing incidents lately! They say these kind of things happen in 3s so hopefully you’re done for a while. Any chance of remaking some or all? After all, you’ve already worked out the fit and construction tweaks, so they should be fairly simple.

    I’m sorry about losing 3 items, though. Especially your gorgeous skirt!!

  2. Darn! I loved that Knip Mode skirt!

    Sorry that all of those unfortunate events happened to you. 😦

  3. That stinks, but it does beg the question as to why you had the skirt in the bar? You weren’t wearing it & took it off, I hope ! I’m sorry about the other dresses, too. They really look great on you.

    Also, saw on the weather channel that you Baltimoreans (?) had really bad weather. I hope you’re ok.

  4. Oh, OUCH! And I loved that skirts. I was to going to suggest it would have been better to just mail it directly to me, but then I decided it might not be the thing to say in your current state..
    Wool shrinks from abrasion, not from heat. I wash mine in really hot water, but I only let it soak in a basin with a bit of dish detergent. Only superwash wool (a chemical process) can see the inside of a washer and survive. http://www.fuzzygalore.biz/articles/fulling.shtml

  5. You left your skirt in a bar – hopefully it wasn’t what you were wearing! lol Poor girl, get that machine busy. I’d be sad about losing that skirt too, I’ve always wanted to make one (not that I even have the pattern).

  6. Woops. I rather liked the gray dress too. I guess you are going to be one busy girl in the near future.
    I am waiting along with everyone else to hear how you left your skirt in a bar.

  7. Oh, that does sound scandalous, no? Well, I had loaned it to Elizabeth (Sew a Beginner) and she gave it back to me. I thought I had put it away but I think it just fell out of my bag or I moved it out my bag to get to my wallet and I didn’t think about it until a few days later. So, nothing scandalous! I didn’t enter the bar wearing said skirt and leave without!

  8. No. Really?!? Ugh. I just wore my plaid one about a week ago and thought about yours and how that I haven’t seen too many skirts like that. Well, at least you weren’t wearing it right before you left it.

  9. Thanks for asking the question Ann, because I was dying to know what clothing you were wearing when you left the bar, Cidell! 😉

    Too bad about the clothing however. Hope you find some pretty material if you make it again.

  10. i’m so sorry about your stunner of a skirt. but now you * have * to make more! and that can’t be bad. more! in more colors!

  11. That is too bad, guess you need to make another yet.
    I absolutely love that skirt, I should draft the front panel to make one for myself, but other projects keep getting in the way!

  12. Potidyabe (poor little devil = poor baby here). I’m so sorry! But I’ve been there and you will get over it.

    On the other hand, you are making me want all these outfits and your boots!

    I think you need some sewing/fabric therapy…

  13. Already mentioned, but the first thing I thought was “what was she doing taking her skirt off in the bar in the first place???”

  14. Come on now fess up ……What was going on in the bar that made you take off your skirt and then leaving it without it too !

  15. Darn! It is funny that you lost a skirt in a bar! I have to carve out some time for sewing-I’ve gone to work for Macy’s and the associates all wear black. They give you certificates to help with the clothing cost, but every other associate has already hit the racks and the black stuff is gone. I’d rather wear something I’ve made, anyway!

  16. Meanwhile, I was washing the grey corduroy pants that were the staple of my weekend wardrobe with some new grey/black wool that I thought would make a nice shirt for them. One pair of pants down, the wool bled dye horribly and the pants are unwearable (well, for painting perhaps..). Sigh. Hate when those things are contagious.

    By the way, you may not have forgotten your skirt in the bar. Presumably, you were showing it off. I’ve found that my handmade clothes attract sticky fingers like you wouldn’t believe. I’ve never had anyone steal something bought, but I’ve had at least half a dozen cases of handmade clothes be stolen. So don’t flog yourself, but be more careful next time, especially in a bar.

  17. Sounds like a small spell of bad luck. I think Marie-Christine is right about the possibility of theft. That skirt was to die for. Sometimes folks think custom sewn is just like store-bought with better fabric and technique. Well, no it’s custom which means the fit is so unique that two women may have the same RTW size but not fit into each other’s custom garments. What I am leading up to is – if the skirt was stolen you can be sure it doesn’t look as good on her as it does on you!

  18. Are you kidding me, I just ordered this pattern when I Shoe and Sew posted hers sometimes last week and linked to your post…o, I will be so sad too, sure you can make it again.

  19. Oh no! I LOVE that skirt. All of the NYers out there had better keep their eyes open for some woman wearing your skirt! I hope you make another one, because it is too cute to not have for winter.

  20. Okay, I love the Knip Mode skirt!!! Thanks for the explanation about leaving it in a bar. I was ready to invite you to Colorado to go clubbing!!

  21. Soooo sorry for your loss! I absolutely hate when I do something like that too! I accidently left a brand new goregous pair (only worn once) shoes in a hotel room. Called right back like you did and was told nothing was found in the room! Oh well! Maybe you can duplicate the skirt later.

  22. Now I have visions of you running skirtless down the streets of NYC. Really Renee- how could you! Pantless I could see- or even topless. Topless would even be legal in Ontario if you really want to try it. We could lose a favourite shirt of yours in some great bars in Toronto.
    Just saying, my friend- just sayin’!!

  23. This post just makes me sad for you. 😦 I hope you’re able to make another version of the skirt – it’s really a beauty.

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