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I Dream of Steam Dryers

The most eye opening post for 2010 goes to Pam of Off the Cuff Style. Not just because of her amazing interfacing. But, because she saved me $100. Yes. That’s right. $100.

My dry cleaner charges $10 a piece to steam press my wools. I like to have all my fabric pre-shrank / pre-treated so they are ready to go when I am. I read her post on treating at home. It doesn’t involve an iron. Yes. NO IRONING. No hours over an ironing board. I’ve tried both her steam dryer and hot towels in a regular dryer. The hot towels in my dryer were used for the fabric I took to NYC to be interfaced. Came out beautifully.

Sunday, I had bookclub at my friend Shreya’s.  You know the kind of bookclub where now almost everyone has a baby at home and so we just brought our favorite magazine article and drank mimosas? Said friend has a new home with bright, shiny appliances that look like they came from a futuristic movie set. Or, possibly Europe.  Or, not my house which came with dryers from the mid 80s. But, I digress. I emailed her Sunday morning and asked if I could bring my woolens to her house to pre-shrink on her steam setting. She wrote back, “I don’t know why you want to do that or what you are talking about. But, if you need my dryer, knock yourself out.”

15 minutes in her dryer my wools were warm but dry. I let them hang over her balcony to cool. Mission accomplished. See, Pam totally saved my $100.

I was absolutely ready to camp out on Black Friday to get the Sears fancy dryer for $500 less. But, then I remembered there was nothing actually wrong with my dryer.