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Eating My Words: 2-2009-108 BWOF Long Sleeved Tee Shirt

I have been snarky about many a sewn tee shirt on the internet. Really, I have. I mean, I *sew*. Why would I make a plain old tee shirt? I have much better skills than that. And, I couldn’t understand why people would make the same tee shirt over and over and over and over when there are sooooo many cute things waiting to be made.

But, I am eating my words. 34 people can’t be wrong, right? I made up this #108, Feb. 2009 Burda from a scant 1.5 yards of knit. The fabric has little red and gray chains going up and down. And, well, I loves it. I love the boatneck. I love the shaping at the waist. I love that it can be made in an hour.

The entire shirt is sewn on my serger with twin needle topstitching. I didn’t make a facing and just turned the edges in by 1/2 inch. I This is a 38 with a 1/2 inch FBA. Oh, I also widened the sleeve at the bicep by a good inch or so. I now double check all Burda sleeves.

I am not a tee shirt person. I think they are simple and kind of boring. I certainly never wear generic tee shirts. Not even to work out in. There are cuter items to be worn when I am sweating. I pretty much sleep and clean in them.

I like this pattern so much I refashioned a Target tee shirt with the same pattern, making it sleeveless. I have one more of the long sleeve version cut out. I’m just waiting to switch serger thread to white. I also have another refashion cut out. Waiting on serger thread to switch to green. Yes, I am totally eating my words. I loves this shirt.