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Teach Her To Fish

I finished the Fifties Burda Dress! I need to find a belt and plan to wear it next Monday for  an evening work engagement. I’ll take photos on this week.


In other exciting news, I gave my second sewing lesson to my China travel companion this morning. I usually hate giving sewing lessons. But, it’s been a pleasure to work with Elizabeth. I think we’ll have a total of six two-hour lessons. We’re making Burda Magazine pajama pants from November 2009. Why, you may ask, am I teaching her from Burda? Mostly because I had them on hand. Also, for a pattern this simple, it’s easy enough to talk her through the process versus following instructions. And finally, I figure thousands of women around the world learn on Burda. Why not her?

It’s so interesting teaching someone how to sew. First, you try your best not to teach all of your bad habits. Second, I try and try not to be the crazy anal teacher so that she’s not intimidated. The great thing about Elizabeth is she’s fearless! I was suggesting she get the Reader’s Digest Guide to Sewing (which I learned on) and she said, ‘Can’t I just Google it?’ My, how times have changed.

In China she realized she really wanted to learn and bought these scissors when I was going bananas buying my zippers. She was SO EXCITED that her enthusiasm rubbed off on me.   And, most importantly, I never have to remind her to lower / raise her presser foot.