Wrap Yoga Top: Burda 11-2007-121

I went on my deli / bakery bicycle ride  (today’s Sun story) yesterday wearing my new yoga pants over thermal wicking underwear and a new ‘base layer’ wrap top from the Burda in November 2007 under a fleece. It was about 35 F (1.6 C) outside. So, just about freezing and, I swear to you, I wasn’t cold! But, more on that after I show some food.

Our first stop was Wockenfuss Candies. I’m not a huge chocolate fan, but I couldn’t resist.

The second stop was at Mueller’s. It’s a German speciality store I’d never been to.

I bought potato dumpling mix for my mom, reisling for myself and ate Lebkuchen the remainder of the ride. My brother Ted loved lebkuchen when we lived in Germany. Sadly, they are not able to bring Kindereggs into the country anymore. Choking hazard or some such nonsense.

The final stop was at an Italian deli (didn’t catch the name) where I bough fresh mozzarella to make pizza later today and got a bowl of olives. Mmmmm. What a neat way to experience Baltimroe city! There were about 10 other riders. So much fun.

It helped that I dressed in all knits! For my outfit, I worked in layers.

On top I wore this wrap top from the November 2007 Burda Magazine. The fabric is knitting wickaway from Wazoodle. It wasn’t what I had in mind at all when I ordered it. Upon closer inspection I realized it was the same kind of material that Eddie Bauer uses in their ‘base layer’. So, I decided I would use the gobs I got for long sleeve tops, wider leg cropped pants and maybe some running skirts. The direction is only two way so I think they can also substitute for woven patterns.

For this one, I cut a 38 at the top, made a so-so 1/2 inch FBA. I used elastic at the neckline to snug up the fit. I shortened the elastic by one inch and it’s a bit too much. You can see it pulling at the shoulders. If I were to make this again, I wouldn’t add the elastic and I would go down a size. I ended up pulling the wrap section taught by almost two inches on each side.

I did make a swayback adjustment with a CB seam but there’s still a lot of gathering because I think the shirt is just big on me around the waist and the elastic I used just pulls awkwardly. For the hem, I used my friend Liliya’s coverstitch machine. In fact, all the knits I made the last week were taken to her place for hemming.

I doubt I’ll make this again. The size IMHO is too loose for me and I think I don’t like wrap tops. I don’t know where it’s supposed to wrap. Over my bust, under my bust, across? It confuses me. And, they take up more fabric. I prefer sleeveless tops for working out. I like my arms a lot. I made the sleeveless top from this same issue. I’ll try to post that before Christmas. This top makes a good base layer but it’s not my style. Of course, that won’t stop me from wearing it to ice skate in this afternoon!


  1. You made yourself a beautiful, comfortable outfit. It was good to see how you saved your pants. Really cool pictures with the food, you had a great day.

  2. I love the clothes you made. Your bike tour was such a cool idea. You really lead such an interesting life with so many rich experiences. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I need to try making some yoga pants, or something casual for myself. I’ve had problems with wrap shirts before – it never falls quite right. I think I need to buy one that does fit and study it to figure it out.

    I love the Kindereggs! So sad to hear about that choking hazard thing.

  4. Guess I’m going to have to go check it out for myself. I had no idea they’d have wines! Your pants look great. I took my first ballet class in 100 years yesterday so now I’m thinking about a ballet skirt for myself 🙂

  5. No wonder you weren’t cold :-), that chocolate makes me feel warm and fuzzy too, just looking at it. Seriously, I think the wrap is about where it ought to be, but then I don’t like wrap tops either so I understand not wanting another..

  6. Looking at the model I think you may have pulled yours too high and too tight. I prefer wrap tops becuz of my large bust and think I’m going to make this one for layer with cami’s

  7. My son loved Kinder eggs when we lived in England and one of his teachers used them for rewards at the American school on base-it’s a shame you can’t get them here.

    As for wrap tops-they work better if you have a full, high bust (A very full C cup or better) and thick waist. You are simply a more petite body type than the wrap top really flatters! Stick with those waist enhancing tops that look so fantastic on you!

    • Ahhhhh. Yes. Thank you! I may have too big a bust waist diff then for this to work. Sadly, I’m not petite 🙂 just smaller than my bust 🙂

      • Well, that sounded a lot more flattering when I first typed it than the way it reads now! LOL! It truly was meant as a compliment, I promise!

        I wonder-could you add length between the side seam at the under arm and the bust point? The Burda picture shows the wrap ending well below the bust point, but it does, as you pointed out, seem somewhat high on you. This of course implies that you’re interested in making another one, but if you are, that might be the way to go. The wrap is just too high on you. Ah well-that’s why we sew, isn’t it!?

        • That would be AT the side seam BETWEEN the underarm and bust point. Geez-some days are definitely better than others!

  8. I’m not a fan of wrap tops either. I made three before I realised. This is a comfy top, though. You’ll get plenty of wear out of it, even it is just around the house.

  9. So I’m not the only one who can’t figure out wrap tops? I’ve never made one beause I never found a RTW that was flattering. I think for me the main problem is that RTW is not made for someone who always makes a FBA when sewing. From the phots, I think agree with Nikole that the wrap is a bit high on the side.
    I also want to thank you for an earlier post about pretreating wool in the dryer. I saw a wool purple plaid today that spoke to me and had to come home with me (“You need me! You want me!”). Good thing DH didn’t hear, he’d be jealous! LOL!

    • So funny how many people have the wrap top problem – me too. I’ve made a couple that wrapped way up above the bust into the armpit and they’re okay. I like the way the model-with-balls top lands way low by her waist. But in general, wrap tops just don’t like me.

  10. Love your knit ensamble! Here in South Africa we get Kinder Joy instead of Eggs because the eggs kept melting. Now they come in an egg-shaped plastic domes – one half for the toy and the other half filled with the chocolate that you eat with a little spoon. Nowhere near as fun as the egg, but at least we still get them!

  11. I am a huge dark chocolate fan and that store nearly sent me into a sugar high just looking at it!

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