Flannel Pajama Pants: Burda Magazine 11-2009-126

It’s like I can’t stop sewing! LOL. Don’t worry. Even I’m almost blogged out.  I only need to make one Christmas gift and I’ll do that tomorrow and Wednesday night. I have one more UFO that may wait until Christmas break. I consider all of this ‘basic’ sewing. Stuff I’ve wanted or needed to make for a long time. They are all fairly simple so I felt like I should just spend an hour every night working to crank them out. This post is more so for my end of year record rather than actual information to pass on 🙂 Besides, it’s good to remind ourselves that it’s ok to make basics.

After seeing Elizabeth’s pajama pants, I decided I needed a few pairs of my own. These, took me less than one hour each to make (after pattern is traced that is). The first draft I made a 1.5 inch swayback adjustment. I cut a 38 at the waist and graded to the 44 around the thigh.

They are snug without a lot of ease. I’m used to wearing my dad’s nursing scrubs in cotton so I thought I wanted more ease throughout. I think these are meant to be a slimmer cut (and from silk).

It’s possible I have a little body dysmorphia. I swear the first pair were too small, so I added 1/2 inch of ease through the thigh, another 1/2 inch to the crotch depth to accommodate for my chub rub and tapered back to the 44 around the knee. instead of drawstring, I used 3/8 inch wide elastic from my China stash.

Overall, I find the pants easy easy easy. They are such a good starter project. Minimal fitting is needed and super warm and comfy. I can’t believe how long I’ve been wanting to make pajamas!!

The flannel is from Joann’s fabric several seasons ago. I have some remnants left that I hope to make into flannel boxers in the spring.

I went there for fabric today and steered clear of the flannel sale. Truth is, I don’t need more until I am *ready* to sew them again. And, these should hold me a couple of years.


  1. I’ve been wanting to make myself some pajama pants forever as well. Yours are super cute! I especially love the owl print. I’m glad to know about the flannel sale going on – I actually need to purchase some for Christmas gifts that still need to be made.

  2. Great job on the pajama pants. Last year, I made around a dozen pair for my DD and DS and 1 pair for myself out of some flannel from a Christams sale at Joann’s. I have been thinking of going through my stash of fabrics I don’t love anymore to find what I can make pajama pants out of that I will love.

    Also, did you do a post about making that Schwinn t-shirt you are wearing in the photo. I love the cut of it. The boat neck with no sleeves is adorable. Do you happen to remember what pattern it is?

  3. The PJ bottoms look so warm and perfect for this time of year. Quick and easy sewing is sometimes just wonderful as a break from the tougher stuff.

  4. Hardly anything beats the comfort and ease of a new pair of flannel pjs. Cute prints you have there. Even though I can’t wear flannel, but for 2 or 3 months out of the year, I love the feel of it for pjs. I am working on some more pj pants for my boys today.

  5. Oh, these are cute! I love the little owl. I wish I could sleep in long pants, but they irritate me no end and I always feel twisted up.

  6. There’s nothing wrong with basics, we wear basics most of the time. It’s a very good use of sewing time, better than 200-hr cocktail dresses you may wear twice in as many years.
    Personally, I like my pj pants baggy, so I can curl up in them :-). But Burda has different ideas.. I also like to skip the side seams, since I’m likely to spend a lot of time lying on them otherwise.

    • i LOVE pajama pants, i make them in just about every color and hate to get out of them…

      have you tried amy butler’s lounge pants from in stitches? they’re great for our body type, they’re wide legged but for those of us with swayback, they fit nice and snug around the curves. which does not go unnoticed by ruggy.

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