2011 Project Outline

I’m not making sewing ‘goals’ this year. More so, ‘must sew’ items. These are things that  I’ve wanted to make for some time. I’m hoping by planning them out for once, I won’t be rushing to get things done!  I’ve only planned the next six months because I’m going to have a busy summer and can’t seem to stick with a plan anyway!

I imagine I’ll sew in between these garments. These are just the things I plan to focus on.

January: Melton wool trench coat (in progress)

February: Red classic Burberry trench coat. I’m going to use the pattern from the January 2008 Burda. Below, I’m wearing Leslie’s version. Hmmm, this is her 38. The fit was good then, but I think I’m now in a 40 and will need a FBA. Nothing too complicated. Here’s hoping the red is as slimming!

March: 35th b’day dress to host a brunch in. Probably a classic shirtwaist with a defined waist.  If not, a sleeveless trench dress. No pattern in mind yet.

April: I’m going to the Netherlands in May for a weeklong biking trip. Exciting, right? If you’re interested, you can actually still sign up. So, I’m going to need a lil vacation wardrobe. I’m thinking  rain pants, long sleeve tops and a parka. I already have the Gore-tex.

Formalwear: I have three black tie events this year. I think I’m going to have one go-to dress. I’m leaning to Vogue 1102. Except, I’m going to have to buy a $70+ bra!

May: Seersucker, 30’s inspired biking appropriate garment(s) for the Washington DC Seersucker Social with Trena. I’m thinking blazer and cropped pants right now. You’ll be shocked to know I have four fabric options already in my stash.

June: TBD

I’m only planning until June because this summer will be a busy campaign season. I may not see my sewing machine again until September.



  1. I adore the black Vogue dress and think you will look chic, chic, chic! If I were taller..or simply had longer legs…I would make it. Love the front..love the back! And the trench looks great on you, too!

    • ooo, a spring fancy dress bike ride. We have what’s called ‘the bridge pedal’ here to ride all 7 of the historic bridges in town (Portland, OR has one of these also), but it’s definitely not a chic ride (it’s very much ‘bring the kiddies/the police block off traffic, etc. sort of thing). But perhaps I’ll show up in a pretty dress this year – it’s July.

  2. I love, love, love Vogue 1102. Go for the backless bra, I’m sure you’ll be able to use it in the future. I actually need one – let us know which one you pick up.

  3. Nice schedule! and I adore the Vogue dress very much, you’ll look so very chic in it too! You mentioned you didn’t have any idea on your shift or trench dress, how about the new pattern from McCalls (6279)? I just purchased it and love version A. Take a look when you get a chance and good luck on you sewing for 2011, I’ll definitely be watching!

  4. Oooh, that bike tour sounds -great-! Shouldn’t having seen every single John Waters movie in theaters when they first came out qualify me as a Baltimore resident??
    But never mind, if I have any advice about the Vogue dress it’d be to buy the bra as a first step. Then you know whether you can even find one that fits, and can muslin around it..

  5. The bike trip sounds like fun! If only I were a better bike rider….and you know, lived a LOT closer to the east coast. I really like the idea someone further up had about putting a lace inset in the back of the Vogue dress–that would be pretty cool. Will be watching to see how everything comes together for you. 🙂

    • LOL! I remember the first time I got back on a bike I was totally shakey! We have someone coming from California. They are meeting us there. I’m hoping for a flight that gives me an overnight someplace fun. Like London or Oslo!

  6. I like the idea of a bike trip and have been considering one myself. I’m impressed that you’re up for another coat so soon. I’ve been trying to make a trench for about two years and always manage to avoid it. I have the fabric standing by and ready to cut, too! I love the black dress and you will look fantastic in it. Buy the bra, it’s worth having one in your collection. I bought one two years ago for a backless dress and it really made the outfit.

  7. I love what you have in your sewing queue and they all look fantastic. I absolutely love it that you are planning to head off to the Netherlands. It is wonderful that you are going bike riding and it seems though you may catch the Festival / Carpet of Flowers which is breath taking to say the least. The Dutch are one of the most hospitable group of people you will ever meet and you will have a fantastic time.

  8. Great ideas! I think just having a rough outline gives you a little direction without really being a slave to it.

  9. Oh I’m so jealous! I went camping in Amsterdam once, it’s SUCH a pedestrian friendly…well it’s just a friendly city entirely really! Great restaurant on Haarlemstradt, naturally I can’t remember the name of it now, but I have a filet with mushrooms on fresh pasta with artichoke cream sauce that nearly makes me cry to think about it…

  10. Hello there, I have read your blog for inspiration for a long time now, and never commented as I always thought that I had nothing useful to add. So please take this in the helpful and friendly manner it is intended! Eek, here goes. I just finished making the Vogue dress for myself, and I found that I didn’t need special underwear as I made the bodice quite fitted. So things don’t move around (without writing the obvious). That was a great relief. However, as drafted, I found that the pattern didn’t flatter me greatly (I’m an hourglass) as there is no definition at the waist (it’s higher) and the skirt is quite flared so it made my backside look bigger. I stuck a sash around it to cinch it in a bit and that seemed to do the trick. Hopefully this comment isn’t bang out of order! BTW the cycle trip looks fab, and thanks for creating a great blog!

  11. Great ideas. The black dress is awesome! You’ve inspired me to plan my sewing as well. But, mine won’t be as ambitious as yours. Good luck with everything.

  12. Love each of these ideas. I’m keen to compile a must sew list but a little afraid of the discipline it might impose.

  13. Wow! You’re on the ball! I daydream all the time about my future projects, but I get caught up in such a delirious haze of creative excitement and chaos that I can’t plan for or commit to anything in particular in advance!

    And oh, to go biking in the Netherlands!

  14. I just have to mention that the Netherlands are also a good place for fabric shopping, as far as I’ve heard! They sell fabric and notions on dedicated fabric markets or along with vegetables and groceries in smaller towns. Maybe you could ask Sigrid from Sigridsewingprojects for advice.
    And, I must agree with Rachel concerning the dress. One of my sewing-friends made the dress, and the pattern is lovely, especially the very full skirt, but there are better options for hourglass figures. I would suggest to make a wearable muslin (the pattern makes a nice summer dress, too).

  15. Hi there! I live in the NL (Rotterdam) so if you need info related to the country, sewing sources or whatever, I’d be glad to help. I must warn you that in spring is very rainy, windy and quite chilly at night. So if you’re going to be outside I’d pack A LOT of rainproof gear, just saying. Cheers!

  16. Oh I cycled in the Netherlands when I was eurailing as a student and it was great! Oh and remind me closer to your ta few issues back listing alllllll the sewing shops in the Netherlands and Belgium.

    • guh, some of my text got eaten.

      …remind me closer to your trip and I’ll dig out the little booklet KnipMode published a few issues back listing alllllll the sewing shops in the Netherlands and Belgium.

  17. Wow, you’re coming to the Netherlands. Any chance for meeting you?

    Your projects sounds great, nice to have such a general outline.

  18. You are so smart to make a doable sewing plan. I will be doing trip sewing in March/April plus a seersucker dress, but other than that it will just be where the wind takes me.

  19. That sounds like a few but ambitions projects- nice! I like the dress-both with the lace panel idea, and without. I agree, you’ll probably use a bra like that again with all the events you go to. I haven’t gotten around to making my list yet, but you’ve inspired me!

  20. When we were in Amsterdam I was shocked to find that they have actual bike lanes complete with traffic lights! How great is that? Hans and I arrived the day after his family had gone bike riding and since we were only there for a day, we didn’t get to go. We’re supposed to go again this fall and I’m really hoping to work in a day on bikes. Sounds like fun.

  21. Wish I had the time to join you on the bike tour. I imagine the Netherlands could be very windy being so flat and all. I find May and Sept to be the best months to visit Europe. In May, the Spring rains will have just ended and the rainy summer months are still ways away. Sept is just gorgeous too!

  22. Hiya, I used to live in Rotterdm and studied in Leiden! Those are fantastic places to bike. You won’t be disappointed in the least. Drop me a line if you’d like to tag on a visit to Brussels, we have room 🙂

    • Yes, I thought I was going to come early and spend two or three days in Belgium. But, it was going to be too pricey to do so 😦

  23. I love your formal dress idea, but you have such a cute waist…I’d love to see you show it off more?…maybe if you could just nip in the pattern a bit lower at the waist that would show off your waist more. I know you may be sensitive about it, but if you make it so the waist of the dress is about an inch higher than your natural waist, it could have a really pretty line and show off your cute waist at the same time.

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