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On Buttons

Just some handsewing to do today and I’m done with my wool trench. In the meantime, here’s another post on making buttonholes. Two years ago I wrote about marking my buttonholes. That was always a PITA for me. I never struggled with actually making buttonholes. Even the first time when it was a four-step buttonhole on my $99 mechanical Brother, I made them for a shirtdress and just plowed through and did them.

For this coat I wanted them to look a touch nicer than my computerized Kenmore can do. For wool this thick, I wanted to go around the buttonhole twice and my computerized machine doesn’t like to do that easily. In general, the vintage Automatic Buttonholer makes nicer buttonholes. But, it really stands out in thicker material. I wrote a fairly thorough review on during my pre-blog days.

Enter, my Automatic Buttonholer. I actually have three for my machines.  Not really on purpose. I’m not technically a collector of vintage accessories. But, the silver Greist is too large to fit under my Kenmore. So, I got the black Singer (below). Then, when I bought my Featherweight, the beige plastic Singer (above) was included (also too big for my Kenmore). Luckily, all the templates are interchangeable.

I used the 15/16 inch keyhole template for my coat. It took me  no time at all to get through the 15 buttonholes I needed to make. Truly.