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Long Weekend Indecision

I’m still on a coat sewing high! Thank you for all of your positive and thoughtful comments. I especially appreciate hearing from some of you that are new to me. It’s humbling to know you took time out to read my ramblings. It’s been frigid here the last few days and I’ve stayed toasty in my new coat. In fact, when I was dropping of my incredibly dirty coats at the dry cleaners, they fussed a great deal over my chin strap 🙂

I did get some lovelies in the mail this week. Phyllis has opened an Etsy store selling her mother’s vintage sewing patterns at CoudreMODE. I’m not a vintage person per se, but I couldn’t resist these. I think they said ME ME ME.

First up is this Spadea. Totally new to me line. It looks like it was a newspaper mail order purchase. It was so cute when it  came in!! Her mom actually clipped the original photo from the newspaper and glued it to the pattern envelope. Isn’t that darling?  I’m picturing this in either the grey or red wool jersey I’ve o into. Great winter dress, right?

The second is this Marian Martin cape / coat. How nice is that? I see myself wearing some fat Jackie O style sunglasses with this. Hmmm, this might be a nice jacket for the Netherlands too. So simple and chic. Did you notice the tabs along the bottom? In the words of Rachel Zoe, ‘I die’.

My second fun mail order purchase were buttons! I love buying buttons on line. There are just so many more resources and options than I have available to me. I have a slew coming in a few weeks that I’ll be happy to report on.  These ‘bird nest’ buttons were just gorgeous! I had some raspberry ones from Trena. The black ones are amazingly faceted for plastic buttons. I’m planning on using them on next year’s coat. I may even share some with Trena.

I also think I managed to find extra replacement buttons for my wool trench coat here. And, they also had great red and black buttons that I plan to use for the February trench coat.

It’s a long-weekend coming up and I’m not sure what or if I’ll sew. I’m still on a coat high and want to dabble in some of my other hobbies. You know, Bravo TV, painting my nails and reading some books 🙂