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Let’s Go to the Tape

I planned to finish up a new dress over the weekend and got socked with a stomach bug on Friday night. It’s funny, I used to think those things didn’t exist. You know, they were just an excuse to extend weekends into Monday 🙂  So, it was me, the Oprah Winfrey Show and the OWN network for a good 36 hours.

But, this weekend wasn’t a total loss. On Sunday, Liz helped me shoot an audition video for the BurdaStyle talent search. There are lots of great entries and familiar faces on YouTube and Vimeo.

For kicks, here’s mine (shot in Liz’s cute, cute, cute Federal Hill home):

I had so much fun shooting it! It took me back to post college when I worked as an anchor / reporter in rural Maryland. I might actually upload those videos. They are a *hoot*.  Editing is much easier these days on a computer than it was when I came out of school! If I come up with a new idea — Liz offered to do another tutorial with me.

If you’d like to make the bag, which I have fallen in love with, you can download it here

63 thoughts on “Let’s Go to the Tape

  1. You are a natural! Great job. And sorry to hear about the tummy bug. They are (sadly) real and they are horrible!

  2. I can’t watch the video as I’m at work (boo!) but omg, how weird that I made the charlie bag yesterday, too!! (prep for the beginning sewing lesson I’m teaching on Sunday)

    What did you think of the instructions for this bag? Because frankly, I thought they were APPALLINGLY BAD. Choosing a fabric where you can’t tell the wrong and right sides in the photos was dumb to begin with, but the text is barely in English and I had to rip out more stitches on mine than my entire sewing output in the last two years. Would it kill them to give us a tech drawing to see whether that pouch is supposed to be inside or outside? Plus there were notches on it I *still* haven’t figured out… And that pouch is way too small to stuff my (quilting cotton) bag into. Seriously, I’m writing up my own d*mn instructions for my poor little newbie sewers. 🙁

  3. So is the voting open to the public or do they pick who they think is best! Because you were fantastic! I could have used a few more up close shots of the sewing but your delivery and conversation were perfect and I love your voice’s tonality!

    Great job and I hope you’re picked! Then I can say I know a sewing celebrity! 🙂

    1. Unfortunately, no ballot stuffing! LOL. They chose who is best. There are some really really good entries with better lighting and editing than mine. No matter, it was fun to prattle on a for a bit.

  4. You’re oh-so-cute in person! I agree with Debbie’s comment – it’s nice to hear your real voice & accent. Too bad we can’t stuff the ballot @ BS!

  5. OMG you were amazing!! Crazy thing, you sound EXACTLY like I imagined (but I think all Renee’s, Renae’s, Rene’s ect.) sound like me LOL! Best of luck to you!

  6. Great job on the video!!! I’ve downloaded the bag pattern and will refer to your video when I sew it up!

  7. Nice the video cap, thanks, always looking your post thanks, I wish an happy new year (just before the end of January!)
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  8. Love the video! And you don’t sound like I had imagined (nothing bad, just not what I had thought). Funny that I downloaded that pattern a while back, but never made it. Now I need to give it a try.

  9. I think you were teriffic! I would watch you if you had a sewing show. Very fun and an organized concise presentation. Best of luck

  10. You were great! You came over calm, warm, friendly, knowledgeable (but not bossy teacher style – which can put off beginners), and very importantly enthusiastic for your subject! I hope you do well :)!

  11. Very well done Miss Celie! (You’ll always be Miss Celie to me.) You are adorable and I love your calm, joyful, smiling, demonstrative mannerism. Walking away carrying the bag was brilliant.

  12. Awesome video! I’m going to make the bag as my next project now! I would love if you made video tutorials if you had any time. Glad you’re feeling better!

  13. I loved watching your video! It was fun to see live action, lol, as opposed to one-dimensional photos. Good luck in the contest!

  14. You’re such a natural in front of the camera – that was fabulous and so inspiring to sew a quick and easy project that is so very useful.

  15. That was excellent! You are a natural in front of the camera. The 4 mins of your video would do more for me than the print instructions for sure. Good luck!

  16. Great energy the whole time, important to keep viewers interested. It would be better if it was closer up. You remembered or just naturally smile the whole video which I think makes a big difference. I love the ending it really is cute.

  17. Fabulous presentation! You are a natural. I too am crazy about the Charlie bag. They fold so neatly that I stash several in my suitcase for our trips to Mazatlan. They hold just about anything-and are a ton of fun to take to the mercados. I get some funny looks from the locals, but also some good comments. My co-travelers always say, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

    My sewing has been limited by family stuff and being called in to work. I work at Macy’s and we wear black. I hate the fit of ready-made pants so I scrounged some nice gabardine from the local fabric store and cut out two pair. It seems I get two or three seams done and somebody from the store calls-coincidentally yesterday it was an associate with a bad stomach bug. Pads the travel fund but limits how much sewing I get done-LOL!

  18. You’re already a celebrity in my book. I even get your posts updated to my pinkberry. Even had a dream about meeting you in person before watching the video-weird. Love that I can put a lovely voice to all your lovely projects. Miss the Selfish Seamstress so am glad you’re blogging strong!

  19. That was wonderful. I hope someone from Burda happens upon all of these glowing comments. Best Wishes!

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