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Natty Dressers

There are several natty dressers in my office who occasionally ask me about making bowties. I generally have little to no interest in sewing for other people. But, recently, Liz asked for help in making a bowtie for her boyfriend. After seeing how easy they were I whipped up six over the weekend. Before I committed to helping out Liz, I shared my tales of woe. I pointed her to posts on the sweater curse. She still wanted to do it. At my local fabric store, Guss Woolens, the cashier also told her not to do it when she went to buy the silk tie fabric. She didn’t care. Who am I to turn my back on young, blind love?

First, I did some research on the various styles of ties. Thistle, Straight and Diamond. Everything else seems to be a variation on that. We also elected to use button closures. It’s a nice vintage touch and rarely seen now. Mostly because I have a lot of buttons and didn’t feel like ordering closures.

Officemate Modeling

There are two free patterns on the interwebs. The first is David at BurdaStyle. The second is in the LA Times. The LA times pattern needs some adjusting to make it the same length as the BS pattern. On both, I recommend adding one to two inches to the length if the person has larger than a 15 inch neck.

After a few muslins, I made up a manila template and traced my pattern onto my material. Very assembly line.

I used one layer of drapery interlining for the interfacing. The interfacing helps your bow stay nice, full and crisp. Habermans recommends drapery interlinging for tie interfacing. I wasn’t clear from my cursory research what kind of interfacing bow ties use, so I went with this.

Bow ties, unlikle neckties, can be sewn on the straight or bias.

I had fun playing around with the different textures

I added four buttons about 1/2 inch apart starting 1/4 inch from the edge. Sew the buttonholes vertically (mine are horizontal). I like a 3/8 inch 10mm button for these.

And, here are said natty dressers modeling their new ties. Well, I made them for four men. Two of the women at my office scooped up extras.

These were so stinking cute. I was very popular today after handing them out.