Don’t Sew Distracted

I had a GREAT weekend! Lindsay T of Shop the Garment District and Lindsay T Sews (Again), was in town with her daughter Annie. We had dinner on Friday night and I actually ran into her by happenstance on Saturday. It really is Smalltimore (warning, link has expletives). Best of all, she kindly brought me buckles from said Garment District, so I can actually start working on my trench coat this spring!

I put a few hours into my tuxedo jacket jacket on Sunday. These will match the tuxedo pants that still need hemming.  The blazer pattern is from the February 2011 Burda, #126.  I chose it for the narrow lapels, deep neckline, and two piece sleeve. I was quite happy with progress until I realized that I had done the pockets differently than drafted.

The pockets should start about one inch in front of the dart / five inches from center front and end on the side front panel.

I don’t know what happened. Or what I was thinking. But, I placed the pockets about three inches forward — avoiding the side front panel entirely. The pockets are teetering within two inches of center front. I mean, I *knew* I needed to sew the pockets over side front. I test fit the garment and took the waist in there before starting the pockets.


Obviously, it’s not the end of the world. But, I’m just not sure what it’s going to look like with the pockets so far forward. I tried it on last night, and if I keep the flaps short, it’s not that bad. I’m worried if I leave the flaps off it’s look to bankerish.

But, lesson learned. Don’t talk on the phone while doing the fiddly bits of sewing.

I would like to have this ready by this Saturday night. But, alas, that may be a pipe dream. I have a black tie event to go to for work and would *love* to rock a Le Smoking. Did you see Anne Hathaway in her Lanvin tuxedo last night at the Oscars? The funny thing is, I have  a Simplicity pattern for the Marilyn Monroe dress too.



  1. How about adding a small pocket in line with the large pockets in both sides to balance out?

    It sure looks nice, though. 🙂

  2. I’d skip the flaps completely if I were you, just leave welt pockets. You’re right in wanting less flap in your center, but I don’t think any amount is going to do it.
    Sheesh. One space-cadet award, one :-)!

  3. It looks like one of those mistakes that only you will ever notice. Don’t stress it. I’ve been really working on becoming less hung up on ‘perfect.’ ‘Perfect’ seems to get in the way of ‘done’ way too often for me. Can’t wait to see the finished Le Smoking,

  4. I agree with leaving the flaps off. That way it will be less noticeable to you. 😉 I think your jacket looks amazing! Can’t wait to see the entire suit. You rock!

  5. This may seem like an odd comment, but thanks for the expletive warning. I recently stopped visiting a blog I otherwise liked very much, because of the language. Too many people today no longer understand the respectfulness of civility. You’re always classy and your sewing projects and insights are always interesting!

  6. Believe me, no one absolutely no one would notice, they will be starting at the satin lapels or your lovely face.
    Be gracious when the compliments flow and say “Thank you”, not “but my pockets aren’t right”…ha ha.

  7. Haven’t we all got an example like this we could share? I think the no flap suggestion is a good one (hurrah! – less work!). Don’t tell and no-one will ever know. (And we all promise to keep mum).

  8. I’d add the flaps. The gaping lips of the pocket will bother you after wear. I don’t think the positioning of the pockets is that extreme.

  9. You could add a satin (to match the lapels), Waist defining accent to hide the welts and then put the actual pockets wherever you wish. But I really can’t see any champagne-in-hand party-goer assessing pocket placement during your big evening anyway. You will rock this look.

  10. I should mention that when I saw your title, I immediately thought you had stitched through your finger or something.. So a snuck-over pockets doesn’t seem so horrible in comparison :-).

  11. Although it’s not what it should have been, it still is very, very nice! I love the look and can see the tuxedo style developing! I’m with you on not sewing distracted…when I pick up the phone, I stop what I’m doing (I can’t multi-task when it comes to sewing!)

  12. Love it! You are quite a technical sewist, you must be very patient. Hmm, when things like that happen, it always seems like an opportunity to do something creative. Can’t wait to see what you decide to do!
    Will be in Baltimore at the end of this month and am looking for ideas for sewing related adventures!

  13. It looks great so far. I would go for the no-flap-variation. Either way, i’m sure the jacket will turn out great.

  14. I really like the outfits you have been working on. The blouse pattern is excelent. Is that one of your own or is it a commerical pattern with your designers touches. You are a superb designer & seamstress. Keep up the great work as it is obviously worth it!

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