Here’s Where UFOs Come From (or, Starting a long-term project when you have just two weeks)

Yes, that’s right! I’m taking a break from my tuxedo jacket. In my quest to be chic, I realized I wanted my trench in time for the Netherlands in May.  So, I’ve started the Burberry trench coat!  I don’t know that it will be done in time given my upcoming travel and work schedule, but a girl should try. The patterm is #128 from the January 2008 Burda. Note that this pattern does not call for the epualletes. I’m tight on fabric so I may not be able to add them.

After two days of rabidly pawing through my stash, I’ve gathered my supplies in one place:

The raincoating material is from Michael’s. Denver Fabrics had some too. I have to admit I now have this material in three colorways! And, I have plans for every single piece.

Red and black buttons from eBay. They are ginormous.

Burberry quilted warmer from Guss Woolens. It pickes up the burgundy stripes of the inside.

Black leather covered buckles courtesy of Lindsay T. They look fantastic against the red.

Matching striped lining I picked up at Jomar almost three years ago. This will be for the sleeves and the underside of some of the bulkier / thicker pieces.

I’m flying fast and loose here and not making a muslin. I added an extra inch in width to each sleeve for safety.

I also made a 1.5 inch FBA. My first time in a raglan pattern. It will have a bodice dart at the side seam. I know there are ways of rotating out the dart, but for using fabric that won’t ease well, I’m find with a side bust dart.

The coat will be unlined in the bodice, lined in the sleeves and have a button out warmer. I do still need to draft the warmer pattern and get that cut out. I’m not too worried. I have a general idea. I’m thinking cap sleeve raglan (enough to cover the shoulder pads).

I’m super busy this upcoming weekend so I plan to do all the binding next weekend. Once it’s all bound, I’m hoping to take it with me to my parents place in Tampa and get the main construction done in mid-April while I’m there for a quick visit.

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you all about my dinner tonight with some sewists / bloggers visiting Baltimore!



  1. We have eerily similar Burda thinking. I’ve always loved this coat too. If it wasn’t stuck at the bottom of a storage unit in a town I no longer live in I’d suggest a sew-together! I bought my first Burda off of Ebay today – like you say – you discontinue Burda at your peril. It’s always a year later when you realize some dowdy line-drawing suddenly looks like the bees kneess.

    I’m rooting for you and your trench!

    • I really planned to have it together by the time I came out to Santa Fe! If you ever need a Burda, let me know. You are half of my Patrones collection!

  2. Oh how I want a red coat. You know you can do it in two weeks. Buy ready made food, don’t do any housework and try not to sleep too much. You’ll be fine!

  3. See, and I always thought that UFOs came from the same place as babies.

    I second Carol’s idea – quit housework altogether and just sew the jacket! You wouldn’t believe how much time you can save just by investing in some paper plates and microwave dinners!

  4. I don’t think it’s necessarily a UFO in the making, or more than temporarily, we all know you’ll both finish it and have the end result be gorgeous :-).

    But I am a bit worried about you, after seeing what reasonable and pretty and -useful- things the slapdash sewist’s been cranking out. You’re going to be traveling, it’s not exactly like you’re going to have the washer access that you’re used to at home. When you’re biking hard every day, you kind of need a couple changes of clothes every day too. And right now the weather report looks good, but who knows how long it’ll last? If it turns to rain (or snow, we’re not totally out of the woods on that score) you won’t be able to really dry biking clothes even if you handwash them every day. And this isn’t China, clothes in Europe are much more expensive than what you’re used to, not to mention the countryside isn’t exactly well supplied with sports clothes.

    Are you sure you couldn’t be convinced to crank out a couple of technical tops before you dive into the probably-not-finishable trench? Just one more pair of rain-appropriate pants? It’ll hardly take a couple hours, and your trench won’t be any more unfinished by the time you leave :-).

    • I just need to make rain pants from a TNT pajama pattern and some turtlenecks. The material for my tops are from Canada and with my mom (she took them when we went to Montreal). So, I’ll just crank them out the week I leave.

  5. Heh – I have a raincoat on the drawing board too, but I have some shirts to make for my husband and son and some sunsuits to make for my grandson before I get back to sewing for ME. Are you going to make the lining zip (or button) out?

    • I think I’m going to do a button out lining. It seems a bit easier alteration wise than a zipper. That being said, I have the zippers and not the buttons, so anything could happen.

  6. *drools on keyboard*

    Your coat! She will be magnificent!

    I am so thrilled for you! I can’t wait until I see you modeling her for us!

  7. Yep, you could rotate out that dart but I think that only looks good and falls well if the FBA is below an inch. IMO a sew dart looks very tailored, well, because it is as you can sew the dart to the exact size you want it on each side, whereas a rotated out dart doesn’t have the shaping option. It looks higher-end with a dart and a gorgeous coat like that should have all the bells and whistles!

  8. Awesome! I looooove a trench. Have fun in Tampa (where I have recently transplanted to). Good thing you’re not coming down now as the weather is atrocious with T-storms and tornado warnings.

  9. I’m thrilled to see you starting this project. After picking up zipper, buttons, buckles, etc. in NYC last month, I’ve been slowly working on pattern alterations/design changes.

    The one thing I haven’t found is binding for the zip-out liner. What are you planning to use?

    As for that pattern, I haven’t figured out the button placement markings. I know some are for the right front, some are for the left front, and some should be for the interior. I just haven’t figured out Burda’s markings and will probably just do what I think is right!

    • Ah, yes! If I had any sense I would have muslined. But, I generally know how Burda fits me and I tried on a 38 of the same jacket two years ago. I’m making a 40 this time with an FBA. I’m hoping that will allow room for the warmer. If not, machts nichts! Leslie who made this coat used Hug Snug to bind the coat, I bought mine from Sew True as they were offering free shipping one weekend and I also needed shoulder pads.

      I do not understand the buttons placement at all! I thought it looked funny on the pattern too. I’ve never seen them like that on BWOF. I’m not altering the facing for the warmer. But, I am going to add an extra inch or so to the edges of the warmer. I tried on real Burberrry last weekend. They are luxurious!

      • Did Leslie make a removable liner? That’s what I’m trying to figure out how to bind. I was thinking that Hug Snug wouldn’t get around the layers properly, but I may be totally wrong on that. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll definitely do a sample.

  10. That’s going to be awesome! I’ve been lusting after a red trench myself. I have no clue when I would even be able to get around to a project that detailed. So I’ll live vicariously through you!

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