Look Who’s Coming to Dinner!

Robin  of A Little Sewing on the Side emailed me a few weeks ago and said that Gigi of Behind the Seams would be in town and asked if I could meet up. Sadly, I had to decline because I was scheduled for my Santa Fe weekend. I later found out Gigi would still be town after I got back. She, Robin and Gretchen  of Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing are all taking a Susan Khalje course up in Baltimore County. This was my third time meeting Susan. I think *one* more meeting and I can make a pitch for my adoption into her family.

Gigi and Anna

It was great to finally ask Gigi all the questions I’ve been wondering all these years.

  • Does she speak German? Yes
  • What does EdgeKote do? It finishes and seals the line of leather.
  • How big is your stash? A fabulous hand wave and a discussion of how stash makes us happy.
  • Are industrials hard to work on? Not at all

It was like having a living / breathing sewing encyclopedia next to me!  She was funny and gracious and let me do all the fawning I needed.  What I suspected about her all along is true. She is smoking hot. Seriously. I dare you to take a bad photo of her! Best of all, she brought the Burda Duffle Coat I’ve been drooling over with her to Baltimore. She needed it! It was 85 degrees in Florida and a scant mid 40s (7 Celsius) in Baltimore the last week! I was also able to thank her personally for helping me purchase binders when I went to China last September.

It’s so funny. When you start blogging you feel like you’re never going to meet anyone. Or that you’ll never know anyone personally who sews. But, the world is so small now that you’re bound to meet up someday.

Gertie and Robin

Gretchen was across the table so we didn’t get to talk much. I did let her know that despite my vast collection of eyewear (15+ pairs), I wore contacts to dinner because my glasses just couldn’t compete with her retro style. She assured me that her glasses are not just a Williamsburg hipster prop (she’s from Queens after all!). Like me, she actually needs the glasses too!


  1. You got to meet some swell bloggers! And if Susan K. adopts you – remember I’m your long lost aunt that needs to tag along when she’s teaching you stuff! *LOL* Glad you had a good time!

  2. That’s the only thing I don’t like about being from a small town in Saskatchewan; there’s NEVER anyone in my area who both blogs, and blogs about sewing!

    Looks like a great time was had by all!

  3. Sounds so much fun. I totally agree with you re blogging and meeting people, it has been an unexpected bonus to starting my blog.

  4. I have met the most fabulous people who also happen to sew since I started blogging including you! I love it. We get to talk about our passion with people whose eyes don’t glaze over. Lucky you getting to meet Gigi.

  5. Oh my, I’m so honored! My dear, you are even more beautiful in person than you are on the internet (really, she is stunning!). I had so much fun talking to you that I forgot to eat my dinner!

  6. I loved this post and makes me more determined to come to America to meet my blogging friends. It was also an absolute delight to finally see a picture of Gigi.

  7. Forget Gretchen’s glasses, I want her HAIR COLOR!!!

    SO jealous of you getting to meet the fabulous and lovely Gigi-she has taught me so much.

  8. You know, my first-ever boss told me “There are really only 500 people in the world, and at some time you will meet every one of them.” The blogging world has proven that to be true!

    Gigi is a wonder, isn’t she? I’m SO glad you got to meet her!

  9. What a fantastic evening for everyone! It’s a true delight, spending time with creative, exciting people who support and inspire one another.

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