Of *course* there’s room for one more

I say you can never have too many sewing machines.


Meet my new Singer 301, the mocha colored big sister to my  black Featherweight.  I had already spied this 301 on Craigslist before getting down here. I emailed her before leaving and she still had it available. We picked it up on Wednesday morning. I’m in love. Hopefully I can show what I’ve been working on before leaving Florida on Sunday. For now I’m going to keep it at my parent’s place.

The case smelled like the Playboy club in the mid 60s. REEKED of smoke. It was so bad we drove it home with the windows open. It’s currently full of kitty litter and sitting outside full time.  After two days it smells much better! We’re now working on the mildew smell.

I bought this one while visiting my parents in Florida. The woman I purchased it from has well over a dozen machines of her own, mostly treadles. She tried to leave the case outside to air out and it didn’t help. Here she is at the County Fair giving a demonstration on one of her treadles.

This  Minnesota machine was made for the Sears Roebuck company. You can see the company’s name on the base. Beautiful.

I also got my first chance to try a hand crank machine. This is one I would definitely buy if I had the chance.

I’d like to tell you I’m all done buying sewing machines. But, I’m not. LOL. That, a grasshopper by Elna, a white Featherweight, Singer Genie and  a pink Necchi are all on my list to accquire some day.

Click to enlarge some photos of her other machines from the Fair:

So far, Florida has been great. My dad and I hit the County Fair and Youth Livestock Show.

I may have also sucked down a big plate of fried green tomatoes. I’ve tried to make them at home once. But, these were fantastic.

I’d go back to the fair for more if I didn’t have to pay parking and the admission fee. Oh, who am I kidding. I still may go back for more.


  1. Personally I think it’s kinda kewl that you are giving these machines a home that’s filled with love because what’s the alternative?! And fried green tomatoes – be still my heart! Glad you are having a good time!

  2. Wow !It’s so wonderful to know there are women out who love old sewing Machines. I have more than a few. I often say they(sewing Machines) need a good Home.
    There is always room for one more!!!!

  3. Well, at least you are upfront and honest about your addiction…hahahaha!!!

    The new machine looks great and I hear ya about the green elna. LOVE!!

    Mmmmm…Fried green tomaotes…hell fried ANYTHING except candy bars and twinkies :O)

  4. I love all things sewing…BUT just the mere mention of fried green tomatoes gets my attention faster than anything. I’m from the south and this was a staple in my home as a child. Once I grew a tomato plant on my patio solely for green tomato frying. Red tomato? What? Honey please! Not me! Thanks for sharing…Headed to the market for some right now!

  5. Good find! You’ll enjoy sewing on it. If the kitty litter doesn’t work, try activated charcoal. You can find it at aquarium stores.

  6. Congratulations on your new machine – never feel guilty when it comes to sewing purchases!
    Some of those machines are beautiful – love the one with the pansies – so Victorian! Between you and Peter I am starting to get a yearning for a vintage machine…

  7. I LOVE your new machine! I so wished I hadn’t listened to those &^$%$ movers and gave away two of my oldies but goodies.

    Thanks for showing all your beauties!

  8. I have coveted a Singer treadle machine for years. The one in your photos is DIVINE! Once we get a proper house, I’m going for one….and possibly an industrial too.

    I’ve never had a fried green tomato, what are they like? You don’t find them much here in Canada, but can I interest you in a Beavertail? lol

  9. I bought a coverstitch off of eBay that showed up stinkin’ like a chain smoker (since it lived boxed up in the closet of one). One of the cleaning services I called said the old smoke smell is from a thin layer of tar, etc. that sticks on the machine surface and recommended a commercial degreaser. I think I used something like Goo Gone or Goof Off and used a tiny bit (< 0.5 oz) wiping down all the surfaces I could reach. Helped a LOT. Maybe that will work if it doesn't damage the paint job?

  10. Congrats on the new addition to the family. I must say, it struck me as odd to be reading about county fair in April. Then I realized people in Florida probably don’t want to be out much in July and August. That lady has some gorgeous machines.

    I tried to make fried green tomatoes. It was NOT a success. but then, what I tried was not battered and deep fried like those in your picture.

  11. fun to see all those old machines. I have 3 of the Singer machines like your new 301, those slant-needle SInger machines are tough, I love my machines (have posted about my darlings) all the various feet work so well, and it has such a nice stitch on any fabric.

  12. I hope the fair had a crafts barn. My family was delighted to see a local country fair going on during our summer vacation. I was all geared up to see the sewing and quilting, but the fair had eliminated the crafts, gardening and home cooking presentations. I was so disappointed.

  13. Those old machines are so beautiful, aren’t they? The decorative elements are so striking, especially now since very few household items are ornamented or painted in order to be attractive. Function is essential of course, but I think we could all do with a bit more beauty in our lives.

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