All Set!

Have I mentioned that I’m unabashedly obsessed with the Royal Wedding?  That’s right. Obsessed. I’ve been brushing up on my on my pretentious fake British accent too (think Madonna, Tina Turner and Gwenyth Paltrow). Some folks have thought to remind me that the US won thier independence in the 1770s. Others feel that just because my mom lived in England for 10 years that doesn’t make me British. A few think it somehow matters that both my parents’ native countries received thier independence from the UK in the 60 and 70s. I don’t care. I’m quite comfortable with my  Anglophile status.

I have my commemorative mug in the china cabinet waiting to be filled with Earl Grey Martinis on Friday morning. And expect my future children to laugh at me some day when they see all I have accumulated. I say  BRING IT. Here are a few other items in my current collection.

I had the Diana paper dolls when I was 8. It came with a paper tiara. I wore the heck out of that tiara.  I even remember my mom making some repairs to it. My friend Liz gave this to me this one for my birthday. I may have teared up a bit.

I may or may not have more than one of these rings. In my defense, at least one was bought prior to the current engagement. I’ve always wanted a  copy. I just had way more choices after the announcement.

I’m going to a watch party at friends. So, I’ll be baking my popovers (I know they look more like muffins. These are dietary modified for the people I’m watching the wedding with)

There was no time. But, as soon as I find the right shade of blue — I will be knocking off the engagement announcement dress.

The person who brought me a commemorative mug from England told me about this model MINI Cooper (I drive one). I purchased it on line and had it sent to Melissa from Fehr Trade . You know, so I can combine shipping with all the useless things I’ve ordered related to the wedding.

If any of you UKers see something I should buy *cough* feel free to tell me.

Talk to you after the frenzy!


  1. I am right with you. I plan to be up to watch the event. Sadly I have no memorabilia. I would LOVE to have that mug. Where did you find the ring? Cheerio!

    • I love it! I have been trying to decide what network to record on TiVo. I am really looking forward to it.

      And that scarf is great. 🙂

  2. You crack me up! I absolutely love the idea of Earl Gray Martinis drunk from the royal mug – that’s the best idea I’ve seen yet to celebrate the royal wedding.

  3. Well, back when Diana got married I was in college and I got up at 4 to watch the nuptials. This time around I will be recording the event, an option not available the first time around. I am feeling quite old, watching Diana’s son now get married, she and I were born in the same year!

  4. I’m so excited too! I got up early to watch Di’s wedding 30 years ago (hopefully, this marriage will fare better) so, of course, I will be glued to my television. Earl Grey Martinis sound super yummy but I’ll be sipping some bubbly and eating butter-laden (that’s what Spanx are for!) popovers instead.

  5. I’m obsessed too, but I have to record it instead of watching live because I have to be somewhere tomorrow morning. I’ve been keenly interested in the Royals my whole life. I was actually coincidentally in London for a teaching gig during Diana’s funeral. It’s something I’ll never forget. Best wishes to the couple. I hope they stay as happy as they look now.

    • LOOOOVE the video, it’s hysterical! I almost spit out my tea when Charles and Camilla came down the aisle!

  6. You make me smile! I can’t think of anything you need to buy, but you could make yourself a Union Jack pillow. These are pretty popular around here and are a fitting memento for a seamstress to make herself. I particularly like the shabychic versions executed in faded quilting cottons.

  7. Hee hee! My Grandma is such a royalist I’m sure she’s right with you (she’s of an age with e Queen and when I was little I thought she WAS the queen… Which I had chalked up to childhood oddness until I found out my mom and her sister thought the same thing when they were little.) of course, at least some of my ancestors ended up in Canada because they supported e losing side of that same independence war you mentioned. 😉

  8. LOL! I’ll be watching it from home on London too (we’ve got it as an extra Public holiday – woohoo a day off of work, yay!)

    P.S. There’s bound to be some free commemorative DVD’s of the big day in all of our newspapers a week or two later – I’d be happy to mail one (or some if there’s lots) to you if you’d like? 🙂

    • YES! Please!! I actually just saw this too ”

      On the wedding day, 150,000 copies of the programme will be sold by 60 Explorer Scouts and 80 Cadets (supervised by adults) for 2 per copy at locations in Green Park, Hyde Park, St Jamess Park and Trafalgar Square. Profits from the sale of the Official Programme will go to benefit The Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry.

      I can’t gt the PDF version to upload and I don’t have an iPad. So, if you can find one of these for 2 we’ll be besties!

      • Darn! I’ve only just turned on my laptop this evening – and I’ve spotted your message re: the programme (and the email re: the souvenir edition of the Telegraph newspaper), so I have woefully let you down :(! I have managed to download the PDF & it’s been emailed to you. I will check with my local friendly newspaper guy in casehe has any of today’s newspapers dated 29th April left ot sell me first thing on Saturday morning for you.

  9. I got up to watch when Diana got married. Now I can’t imagine getting up that early for much of anything. I’m only interested in the dress anyway, but hey have a great time.
    Oh, and EOS has gorgeous silk jersey available for special order in quite a few colors btw. Not cheap but the original was in silk jersey after all.

  10. Dang! I should have had you talk to Annie about why it is so important that she haul her college-girl butt out of bed to watch this. She won’t listen to me, thinks William is just not attractive, etc. I’m walking to Whole Foods at lunch to buy British breakfast foods. Bob will watch with me but will insist on making snide comments the whole time. Sigh. Enjoy your party.

  11. Yay! I’m not the only one! I was up at the crack of dawn for Lady Di and by jove, I’ll be there when William walks down the aisle too. Love the mug. Bonafide hotness!

  12. Haha! I’ve contented myself with bits and peices from the press- (Will and Kate movie filmed in LA with Australian Actors, anyone?) My British beau is a “republican” (as in anti-royalist, not modern day tea party). This means he tragically does not get what the fuss is about. Instead he forwards me articles like Hadley Freeman’s criticism of Kate’s conservative style(the term ‘bland sloane’ may have been used….)

    That said, I think you’d look smashing in that ISSA dress.

  13. Oooooh, I’m so envious that you have a fabulous Will & Kate mug!!! But thanks for sharing the information on the Earl Grey martini . . . must pick up some Earl Grey tonight (along with some McVitie’s Digestives, the plain ones, they’re my favorite) for tomorrow morning. What fun!!!!

  14. I’ve got it set to record! My husband doesn’t get it at all… My grandma was from Canada and she was really into Di and Charles wedding and had a number of commemorative items – I remember a metal candy box with their image on it.

  15. Another repubilican at heart here, sorry. (Another of those words that gets lost in translation. In Britain, what we call republicans tend to be of a left-wing persuasion, which I always find really confusing when an American election is on.)

    That said, I will be tuning in on TV to see the pretty dress and the couply bit, and have at least some hope that William will follow in his mother’s footsteps and someday be able to modernise the monarchy somewhat.

  16. I was thinking…. you could probably make that scarf. I’m also going to be watching the wedding, my menu is planned but it’s pretty hearty and it won’t be until later in the morning….. Eggs Benedict, asparagus and mini scones, with a glass of bubbly…. and a huge pot of tea. I want to see what everyone is wearing, and the hat parade in particular.

  17. Cidell, I was about to write “kitttschhhhhhhhhy” then I scrolled down and saw the ring and rolled over!!!!

  18. Have fun watching I remember I got up early to watch Dianna get married how time fies by now her son is taking the walk down the isle

  19. Thanks to didyoumakethat for the youtube video! You have provided my firm with hours of laughter…as for watching the wedding…I’ll catch it on the news! *LOL*

  20. Hello from the UK! It’s reaching fever pitch here!

    Check out – they’ve done a special collection of Royal Wedding nail polishes! I’m not sure if they ship internationally, though 😦

    Can’t wait to see the dress! The procession is going to be awesome, too!

    • Oh!!! Darn! Out of stock!! I’m going to troll some sites and see if I can dig it up. Melissa is offering to collect my orders and ship so I’m in good shape. Thanks for the heads up! That is right up my alley.

  21. Have you TRIED the Earl Grey martini yet? I just made one . . . ewwwww! I love gin and Earl Grey tea, but I really think that they just don’t go together! Back to gin and tonics . . .

  22. I haven’t collected any wedding souvenirs but I’m right there with you on watching the wedding itself. I’m excited! And I’ve told the men of the house they have zero chance of controlling the tv remote over the next 24 hours. 🙂

  23. You make me laugh. I didn’t even know there was a wedding on. My beautician asked me yesterday if I was following The Wedding and I asked ‘what wedding?’ When she replied, ‘William and Kate’ I asked who they were. I’m still not sure who they are. This is what happens when you live in an area with no television reception! I’m intersted to hear about the Earl Grey Martini, though!

  24. I’m a staunch republican (the Queen of England is officially the Australian head of state), but must confess that I’m making merangues, donning my tiara and watching the nuptials. Did you notice that the hem was down on Kate’s jacket when she arrived at her London hotel?

  25. I want to see her dress! But I don’t think I want to see it so bad that I would get up at 2 AM. Definitely watch it tomorrow morning though.
    It is still a pretty sweet story though…a prince and a princess 🙂

  26. Hope you have a blast at the watch party, enjoy it, all my family (english) are being thoroughly miserable about it though I expect they are bombarded with news 24/7. One great thing about being here in HK and 7 hours ahead of the UK for this is that I can watch all the shenanigans from a local bar that is having a street party. They’ve put bunting up, beyond that I have no idea how it will work but it should be fun. Should have had the foresight to make myself one of those Issa knockoffs to wear though!

  27. Obsessed here.
    AUS citizen, so, we are natural Anglophiles from birth…………..
    Will be up at 4 tomorrow am, then to work, watching the telly all day,while “working”.

    Hey- I want that mug. Where did you find it?

  28. Cidell

    Susan from Oz here – long time lurker, no time commenter – sorry! Anyway I’m off to the UK Monday May 2, yes next Monday!!!! Email me if you want something in particular – no trouble, honestly!

  29. Hi – I too am a long time lurker! I’m in England and watched it live – the dress was amazing. I’ve watched re-runs many times. Everything was perfect about it – it’s really given our country a lift. I know this link isn’t a wedding memorabilia link but have a look at this gorgeous sewing bag…..I think I might just have to order one! Best wishes – Rachel

    • That is gorg! If only the dollar wasn’t so very weak right now! I may have to get this after my trip. I’ve watched the wedding several times too and need to order my DVD copy. It was breathtaking.

      Sent from my iPod

  30. I did NOT set the alarm for 3am but woke up all on my own at 4am ! Went right to the tv and watched it through to the vows – watched it all live, only left 10 minutes late for work, and got in on time too 🙂
    Hubby watched it with me AND set it to record the night before in case I missed it – like THAT was possible – I don’t think there was a Canadian channel that didn’t have it on LOL

  31. Cidell I’m a total fan too. I watched the whole wedding in real time here in Brussels, and remember getting up at 4am to watch his parent’s wedding. Ohh Cidell, that ring! That dress pattern! You’re killing me! Love them.

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