Taking Shape

I of course watched the Royal Wedding and enjoyed every moment of it. I was THRILLED to be reminded that my parent’s native countries Jamaica (Dad) and Grenada (mom) are part of the Commonwealth with the queen as the titular head of state. So, given my combined three visits to Jamaica and Grenada, two visits to England, and one trip to Australia — I am allowed to be obsessed.

I watched it first at 5:00 a.m. with girlfriends over breakfast before going to work. Then, the ‘highlights’ at 8:00 p.m. after work. By Saturday I was taking in all  the fashion commentary. Plus, two specials on Diana, Princess of Wales regarding her jewelry and clothes. Later, I may have watched the BBC highlights on Saturday afternoon. And you know what? It was all wonderful 🙂 .

Now, I just hope the pattern companies give us some new patterns along those lines.

Now, back to sewing! I love the moment when you can see your garment coming together.

My red trench is starting to take shape over here. Ugh. My Pentax does *not* like red. This color is giving my  camera fits. I should take these update photos outside next time.

I’m only a quarter of the way done here. There’s still much to do (buttonholes, lining, collar, facing, warmer), but I’m happy so far! I like the idea of using the contrast on the facing. But, no decisions yet.

I do wish I had used a contrast top stitching thread like black instead of red. The red on red with the red/black buttons I’m using is a little dull. So, I plan to do the rest of the buttonholes in black. And, I will hopefully get the facing and collar done this week.

Did  you know the one that Kate Middleton wore sold out in six sizes in one day from Burberry?


  1. What a lovely looking trench coat – I especially like the stripe peeking through on the welt pockets. I agree, contrast stitching would be nice, but perhaps you can apply the idea through buttons/buckles?
    I’m a kiwi living in the UK and although I didn’t expect to enjoy the wedding, I did and felt (embarrassingly) proud when John Key was shown on TV!

  2. I love this trench. I’ve wanted a red coat for the past two winters, maybe this year I will get around to making one! What sort of buttons are you using?

  3. An email from StyleArc in Australia popped into my inbox yesterday, with a pattern of Pippa Middleton’s bridesmaid dress. It didn’t take long did it? It’s a lovely dress for anyone who isn’t a pearshape.

  4. Trench coming on nicely – I know how much work is in those guys!The contrast is a lovely touch – I can’t wait to see it on you.

    I really enjoyed the wedding too. All work for the day written off – sometimes you just have to watch the TV (only for research you understand!)

  5. I’m loving that coat–the color, the linings and trims. I love red anyway but you really hooked it up!

  6. The trench is coming along nicely. I’m anxious to see it finished and modeled.

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