Pippa’s Dress — Already!

It’s not for my body shape (thunder thighs), but it may well work for you! This pattern comes from Australia’s StyleArc for less than $30 USD.


Melissa noted that this pattern came out before Kate’s dress. But, this is much more wearable for the average bride of formalwear goer.

I’m curious to see if and what the major pattern companies do with the dress patterns. I’m hoping Burda will pull it together for next April’s wedding edition or by the fall for their formalwear copy.


  1. I LOVED her dress. This is a great version. I’m sure all of the pattern companies will be releasing something similar

  2. I just bought two patterns from StyleArc, but not this one. Like you, I love the dress, but the style hates my hips!

  3. Actually the Burda 7698 envelope pattern is similar to the Pippa dress. Not nearly as close/identical as this pattern, but it has the similar basic shape and similar neckline. Actually, since the Burda pattern doesn’t narrow at the knees so much, and has a more subtle drape at the collar it might be a better option for those of us with large thighs and large busts. I don’t think it would be too difficult to add sleeves to the Burda pattern, and it would be probably cost more on the $10-$15 range for the pattern. It would be more of an homage than a copy, but the pattern has been out for a while so should be readily available. Anyway, just thought I would throw that out there since you mentioned wanting a Burda pattern.

    • Your ability to remember fashion amazes me! I think I’m going to give it a try. If I can make a width and forward thigh adjustment, I can make this dress work.

  4. I LOVED her dress, but that dress would NOT love my less than pert derriere! Hope to see some others’ versions of it though! I haven’t heard of this pattern company before… must go check them out…

  5. I love that you were soooo into the royal wedding and that dress of Pippa’s just suited her to a T. She stole the show in my opinion! Thanks for the link to the pattern xx

  6. Thanks for this. The availability of the pattern is amazing. I’m going to a ball in November and I thought I’d copy Pippa’s dress in navy blue or teal silk. I’m not super slim but figure that if I look slimmer in a pencil skirt than an A-line, I might just carry off this dress.

    • I was also thinking a midnight blue! Or even all lace. I have a formal in January that this would be *great* for.

  7. I love this dress, it really was the perfect dress for her! I keep hearing mildly negative comments about the fact that it was white, but look at the flower girls that she’s leading, also all in white-honestly I think it would have looked odd if she’d been wearing another color.

    • It was perfect! I was surprised at first it was white. But, then again — why not? I heard more people complaining about her cleavage. Which is a joke considering what I’ve seen most people wear to church lately.

      • SO true!

        hmmm…not sure how I got here instead of further down, but…

        Auntie Allyn-I’m not convinced this is an age-specific dress; it’s quite elegant and simple, and nothing there screams “only young women need apply”. I think one needs to be somewhat on the tall end and slim. If you have a touch of Bingo wing going on, you can always lengthen the arms, but I’ve seen women on What Not to Wear with very large arms (like mine!)wearing similar styles of sleeve and they looked fine.

        Besides, Cidell says you can carry it off, and I think she’s got a very accurate eye!

  8. Oooooh, Miss Celie, you have vexed me once again! I had to purchase the Pippa pattern and also bought the Kate wrap-dress pattern (which really looks nothing like the engagement dress, but I’m a sucker for a wrap dress). I think I’d lengthen the sleeves a bit, but I might just try this for my end-of-the year holiday Caribbean cruise!

      • You’re too kind! My problem is age-appropriateness . . . I don’t know how old Pippa is, but I bet I’m twice as old as she is!

  9. what???!!! thunder thighs…. I think that dress would look great on your figure.

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