Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

I’m back from a week in Holland! The weather cooperated and it was gorgeous just about every single day. The one day it rained in the morning, I decided to stay on the boat while others cycled. It was perfect, I took pictures along the canals and caught up on some reading.

I have to say after seven days on a boat I swore the ground was moving underneath me at Amsterdam Airport!

Here’s a quick rundown of what I wore during the week. While there for seven days, I just have a few photos because I was washing every night in my sink.

RTW top purchased in Panama. Patrones skirt from issue #252.

New black Burda bubble skirt from August 2007 mag. Top so old I don’t remember making it. I think it’s a Vogue. And it’s clearly before I knew how to do an FBA. Or that I needed one. Dude.

Blue version of Burda bubble skirt and anonymous Vogue top. This top is at least seven years old. Even in my sports bra this top screams FBA ME!!

Burda tunic from August 2008 magazine. I wore this a bit more than planned. It was great on the cooler days and it was the only top I brought with sleeves.

I also worked in about three RTW Under Armour sleeveless tops with two different zip up hoodies for layering.

Now, truth be told. I put the knits in the washer last night with Tide Sport and a healthy dose of ammonia. I don’t know that these tops (and dress) are going to make it. They smelled a little funky after a serious washing. That being said, two of the tops are so old I can’t remember making them and the new top and dress won’t kill me to remake my dress.

Per my routine, I have half a dozen travel posts mentally planned and will just throw them up as I complete them. I can’t wait to tell you about the sewing friends meet up(s)!

Final photo: I try and get pictures of mail boxes in different countries. There were two styles in the Netherlands and I seem to have just captured one. Pooh.

I take mailbox photos because they are something that exist everywhere, but each country has their own spin. I am sad to report that due to my clumsiness, my backup hard drive that stored my mailbox photos died 😦 So, I’m starting my collage / collection all over again.


  1. Ahhh welcome back! Sorry to ask – but do your legs ached from all the cycling, or are you ache & blister-free :)?

    (P.S. I am meeting Melissa from Fehr Trade this week to handover your Royal Wedding newspapers/magazine)

  2. I love your shoes in pic one and two. Stylin’ athletic shoes are a must.
    Great trip. How wonderful.
    Will you show us what you purchased from Kantje….sp?…….forgot name…..sp????

  3. Welcome BACK! The pictures are so beautiful and you look amazing… I was so excited to see the pictures… How cool blogging is when you get to visit places through someone else’s eyes… very cool… If I never get there myself… thanks for showing me!

  4. Great outfits. I am hoping that you have a photo of you in your rainwear. It looks like you had a great time. You were missed at PR weekend.

  5. Welcome back – it sounds like a wonderful trip! Why not print out your collection pictures (the mailboxes) and do an actual physical album of them? – then you can have them electronically stored and physically stored. (Can you tell I am a scrapbooker? =:)

  6. You (and, most likely, Trena) are the most stylish cyclists I’ve ever seen!! Looks like you guys had fun, am anxious to read all about your trip.

    BTW, you missed a terrific PR weekend in Chicago!

  7. So enjoyed seeing your pictures. Looking forward to the ones coming up.

  8. Run the clothes in another wash with just some vinegar, then wash again with the Tide-that should get the funk out of them. Even if it doesn’t, it’s a small price to pay for those memories!

    I went camping at Amsterdams Bos years ago-it was WONDERFUL! I fell in love with the city and wished I could see more of the country, I’m green with envy here!

  9. Good to see you are home safely again. Great pictures and very stylish cyclist you were! It was so nice to meet you even twice last week.
    And let me tell you you now have a picture of a Dutch mailbox that I don’t see very often any more. The most common mailbox is orange and has two openings. Even PTT has changed to TNT nowadays. You pictured a rare one!

  10. Welcome back! Can’t wait to see even MORE of your trip!

    Vinegar in your rinse (with a few drops of lavender essential oil) should clear up the funk on your clothes.

    It’s funny, you take pix of mailboxes — I take pix of cool doors! πŸ™‚

  11. So glad you’re back! I’ve missed your posts! It looks like it was a fun trip. Can’t wait to see your other travel posts and pictures.

  12. Welcome back!! And thanks for the great pictures.
    Not ammonia, borax. Tested by a bike-racing ex.. A handful with the regular detergent will take the smell out of anything, especially moldy bike shorts.
    One of my favorite tourist stories involves a British couple trying feverishly to find the slot on a French ‘fire warning’ box – they were just flumoxed when we explained that mailboxes are red in London, but yellow in France, and while pushing the button on the red box would call the fire dept, it wasn’t really advised..

  13. I eagerly await mind-numbing (to everyone else) details of your boat!! Somehow, buying a Dutch barge has turned me into a total schipspotting geek. And with good reason, since our Hendrik was in service doing almost exactly your holiday (but with kayaks instead of cycles) up until 2003!

    (and I was totally squinting at all the boats in the background of your posts already, sorry bout that)

  14. Welcome back, your trip sounds fabulous!
    There’s an area about 1hr from me that’s geographically very similar to the Netherlands and many Dutch immigrated there. The fields are covered with tulips and daffodils every spring πŸ™‚
    If vinegar or borax don’t destink your clothes, antibacterial dish soap is supposed to work.

  15. I totally went “MAILBOX PIC”!!! Did you love it? I so wanted to go and am so jealous- even if I got to go to Chicago. Cloning. Must. Invent. Cloning!!!

  16. Don’t get rid of your smelly clothes! In Canada we have a product called Amaze, it is an enzyme presoak, it gets rid of almost any stain (works especially well on protein stains, blood, gravy, grass)or smell, including a child’s stuffed animal that had smoke damage from a fire! I know you’re not in the great white north, but there must be something similar in the US. I just did some searching online and I found references to a product called Axion. It’s worth a try.

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