Please, treat the artwork with respect

Because of usually high temps (which were a boon for us) the field of tulips I remembered never materialized. Because of the warmth, the tulips bloomed early. But, happily there were still some in the fields.

This also made me realize it was 23 years to the same Mother’s Day weekend I had been in the Netherlands the first time! I remember because I bought my mom roses and a black corduroy  skirt from a flea market. I think she still has the skirt actually.

I think the memory of the tulips all those years ago cemented them as my favorite flowers.

Luckily we stopped at Keukenhof where the curators were keeping the flowers alive out of doors and inside a massive greenhouse / display.

They had displays up in a pagent manner for different dresses.

*cough*  I may have stood in line to pose with  in the wedding dress.

There were many tulips to see at the gardens which were beautifully curated

My favorite memory of the garden though is this sculpture and sign.

Click to enlarge

“Please. Treat the artwork with respect.”

You know, don’t tease the artwork because it’s not Michaelangelo’s David! It’s not the scultpure’s fault he wasn’t made into the Thinker. Not everyone can be Lady Justice! Show some respect! Heh. I know. I’m juvenile.


  1. I enjoy your travel blogs as much as your sewing stories. Did you just decide to take a bike/boat tour on your own or is there a package tour to do this?

  2. Thanks for posting your vacay pix–love seeing all the flowers! I love that sign–I think I will use the phrase “Please treat the _____ with respect” quite a lot this spring.
    Missed seeing you and Trena at PR weekend but your trip sounds like equivalent fun!

  3. Love the tulip photos . . . I agree with you, they’re such fabulous flowers!

    • Hee hee. Yes. The color difference didn’t even occur to me until I pulled out the photos. It really does like like I’m just floating up there!

  4. Looks like you had a nice trip to Holland thanks for the pictures and I am glad you enjoyed your trip!!!

  5. What lovely pictures and funny commentary! Thank you so much for sharing your vacation with us.

  6. At least it’s recognizable as artwork! There was a “sculpture” at the University of Wyoming that I saw last weekend; it looked to me like a giant I-beam balanced on concrete blocks with an arc of plexiglass in it. THAT is not art!

  7. The fields of tulips are beautiful………….if you had not said anything, I’d not have known their prime blooming time was past………….

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