Amsterdam’s Kantje-Boord

L to R Sigrid, Sheila, me, Joana, Lynn, Hilde and Marta

My Saturday meet up with the Dutch PR crew took us to Kantje-Boord (K-B) about 25 minutes outside of the city center.

It is totally and completely overwhelming when you first walk in. There is lingerie fabric and findings EVERYWHERE.

Luckily, Sigrid was my secret weapon! She came prepared with a checklist of all the things I would need to make a set. Be sure to check out her lingerie tutorial section!

And, if you don’t have your own Sigrid, no worries, the woman at the cutting counter will remind you of everything you need.

One great thing about K-B is they will put together fabric packets for you. This takes a great deal of the guesswork out. They can also be ordered on line and are 20 Euro ($28 USD) per kit. That’s half the price of my RTW bras!

In addition, they have a dozen examples hanging on the walls of items that can be made.

It’s easy to go crazy in the store.

I couldn’t even count the many strapping and band options

But, I had a goal! I have several bra kits from Summerset’s Hooks and Wires. I just wanted some contrasting materials and to put together one new complete set for me.

Considering I couldn’t quite remember what I had waiting for me at home. I did pretty good with the matching!

Here’s the set Sigrid helped me put together.

And here are some gift stretch laces that Hilde picked up at the regular SAturday morning fabric market in Utrecht. I love Hilde. She and I both have a passion for vintage sewing machines. When she told me handcranks were practically free in Holland, I had a moment considering if I could liberate one from her and have it as my carry on for the flight home. You think I’m playing….

Hilde, Joana, Marta and Sheila were so very patient with us.

Can you beleive I’m looking at these photos and wishing I bought *more*?  I’m deep in to two UFOs, but am tempted to put them aside to tackle a new bra!

After this, we headed back to Central Amsterdam. On Els’ suggestion, I had picked up the moustache sleeveheads and basting thread.

Again, I fear I kept these lovely women out longer than they planned. I thought I would hang out a few hours and squeeze in a museum. But, seeing these friends may be a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. It was worth every moment. Thank you again!!

Tomorrow is ‘Bike to Work Day’ in Baltimore. So, my weekend post (if I can pull it together) should be about actual biking in Holland. And, showcase the obscene amount of bike paraphernalia I picked up.


  1. Totally jealous!!! You did a great job in matching and you will have fun mixing and matching those beautiful laces.

  2. How much fun did you have?
    Aladdin’s Cave of pretty fabrics.
    You would need a GPS to find me in there after several hours………

  3. Oooh la la (or the Dutch equivalent)!!! I’ve never been interested in making my own lingerie, but those fabrics might tempt me to do so! Can’t wait to see your finished garments!

  4. Oh wow I see what you mean about it being overwhelming. But how gorgeous everything looks, something to put on the “try-it-oneday” list!

  5. Gorgeous fabrics! I am so happy for you in a jealous sort of way.:)

  6. Fabulous fabrics and amazing sewing companions. I’m definitely envious of this great market. Yes, we can piece together these items but what a terrific all in one resource.

  7. Holy Black cows! All that stretch lace! I would have been in heaven…and I have yet to make bras…although it’s tempting with all those samples you showing hanging. We wouldn’t have anything quite so racy hanging inside Vogue Fabrics….it’s a little bit much for our modest Midwestern sensibilities. Now I’d wear that stuff for sure. The women at the Y make fun of my ‘coordinated’ undergarments…

  8. Holy cow indeed. I feel a plane ticket to Amsterdam coming on..
    UFOs usually become that way because something more interesting/appealing comes up. I can’t really bring myself to advise you to finish something quick though, not without a thick layer of hypocrisy to disguise the salivating :-).

  9. Those are the kind of places that make my eyes glaze over! You are lucky to have had Sigrid to navigate. Great choices.

  10. Wow. I am not sure I’d be able to leave. Good to have a guide with you, places like that can be overwhelming with options. I know I’d end up taking home a lifetime of fabrics (and probably get home to find I missed something basic like power net because I was distracted by pretties).

  11. Oh my goodness. What a find that shop is!!!! I love making bras but find fabric options s limited here in the UK, my fingers are itching to get on line and buy, buy, buy! A HUGE thank you for sharing your adventures in Holland with us.

  12. Love this post, even though I never want to make a bra. But how cool is it that there’s a store for people who do?! Those sleeveheads are great; when you use those up you can get more at SIL Thread in NYC.

  13. I found your blog today and think its great… Especially because you are visiting my country!! I am from Amsterdam and didn’t even know this shop exists…! Thanks for sharing..

  14. While the biking and cultural posts are interesting, THIS is the stuff I am drooling over. Sad, really, isn’t it? I would LOVE to have been there with you. It looks amazing.

  15. I am now officially green with envy. 🙂 I’d have spent all of my money there and you’d have had to drag me out. I’m glad you had such a good trip!

  16. I remember my first trip to Kantje Boord with a group of PR members years ago. The store inside is awesome, and overwhelming from floor to bottom packed with amazing fabrics, trims etc.

    I am sorry I could not make it to meet you in Amsterdam, but I am glad you found the sleeve heads and basting thread.

  17. OMG, I’m dying over here. Looks like heaven (as if I’ve ever sewn lingerie – LOL – but it’s on my to-do list).

  18. It was so good visiting Kantje-Boord with you and the others. Reading the comments I feel once again happy that I live not far away from Amsterdam and can go there easily. It’s so strange that they seem to be the only shop with that many lingerie fabrics in the world. I’v never heard anyone say “we have a shop like that in….”.
    And very much looking forward to seeing what you are making of these goodies.

  19. With your talent… I think you handled yourself quite well… (I cant believe you didnt buy more!)
    I knew I would love reading about your journey…
    It just screams from the pages…YOU had a blast!
    Take care,

  20. I’m very late with this comment (I was in London last week), but I squealed when I read your post! I’m going to send the link to all my friends :-).
    It’s so nice to see this reminder of our get together, I really enjoyed the whole day tremendously. And don’t worry about keeping us longer than planned, I think it was the other way round – sorry about the bag museum!

  21. […] The Carolina Herrera polyester jacquard from Mood Fabric is underlined in silk organza. I managed to get that done after work last week by hand basting and marking the darts with basting thread (not my basting thread from Amsterdam. I can’t seem to find the five spools I bought). […]

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