Seersucker Social Vest: Alterations

Thank you for the comments on my mini-skirt. It’s too bad I don’t play tennis 😀 I read someplace that women over 35 shouldn’t wear minis so imma embrace it for the next 10 months.

Now that the skirt is done, it’s time to tackle the actual seersucker portion of my Seersucker Social outfit. I’m making the Burda Magazine 2-2008 #116 vest above for a second time . I thought it would be helpful to take a look at the  current state of the vest I made the two years ago. Let me warn you. Is bad.

Ugh. I told you it was bad! Hehe. Sadly, I only got to wear it twice. I washed it and it shrank (which wasn’t so bad because it was a little big) but it also seriously faded. Now, it’s too small, shows my bra and the inner structure is bunchy (because of the shrinkage). As my mom would say, “It’s tired looking!”. That’s my bra you see peeking out in both photos too.

The first thing I needed to address in the old pattern was an FBA. I decided to stick with my old 38 and make a 1.5 inch FBA. Lately, I’ve been making a 40 and a 1 inch FBA and things are coming out a bit big.

For this, I added a side bust dart and deepened the waist dart. I did a quick pin fit  below and things look *ok*. Possibly too much space in the FBA. I think this because I’m not as pert as the paper when I’m laying down 😉

Since I’ve ‘grown’ the last two years, I added an extra inch on all sides so I would have room to make adjustments if needed.  I’d like to line the vest if there is time, but the ride is Saturday and I’ve got some real sewing to get done still.


  1. I heard Stacy London say that women over 35 shouldn’t wear minis, but she is now 40 and I still see her in short dresses on WNTW. I say, if you look good in a mini (and you do), wear it.

  2. The vest is adorable on you. I think the short skirt with bike pants underneath is good for your biking.

  3. Your comment about fading fabric raises an issue for me. If we buy a quality store bought item and it fades or deteriorates after only one wash, we take it back and argue the point. I had a similar experience with a beautifully made dress using good quality fabric that after three washes looks like a rag. No recourse! Love the vest design BTW.

  4. Women over 35 shouldn’t wear mini skirts?!? Two words for you. Tina. Turner.

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