American Girl Follow Up and a Profuse Thank You!!

Color me educated! Thanks for all your help! I found several things I like and have them on my Pinterest if you’d like to see. I’m amazed at how I zone out kids’ things. I mean, there are two issues of Burda (June 2009 and 2010) with matching doll clothes! I would *never* have noticed if you hadn’t told me. Actually, I never noticed how cute some of the kids clothes are. Certainly better than some of the items they’ve put out for grown women the last year.

I’m waiting on my SIL to send me Naya’s (niece) measurements and check the doll measurements. While I wait for the measurements to come in, I dug around my stash for material. I think these three will work with the items I’m leaning toward.

The colorful one is a white stretch cotton with medium size squares (thanks for everyone who reminded me about scale. Never would have thought of that). The striped twill is a nice denim with khaki and navy stripes. The dark denim is stretch and can work for doll jeans and shorts.

I need to be honest and thank you all for talking me off the ledge. I just started Googling and got TOTALLY overwhelmed by everything out there. Was just sitting in front of my computer with wild eyes. Their appointment at the store is July 11th, the store opens next Saturday. So, I have some time to make sure they’ll both be dressed.

If her mother asks me to make her something though, I’ll have to paper cut someone.


  1. I love the wrap dress (for both) and the wrap top dress. All of the selections are great, though!

  2. OMG, it’s times like this I thank God I have boys. I am so glad you found some patterns for both. I would be just like you – lots of ability to sew them: no clue where to find them!

  3. My dd had 5 American girl dolls by the time she finished with dolls. They were cheaper back then, but hey how much does an x box cost? At least she played with her friends with them in nice wholesome imaginative play. She had Addy, the black historical doll. She got a matching dress to Addy and they wore them often. Great costume for Purim. Anyway, I made some doll clothes for her and her best friend and they loved that no one else had the same dresses for their dolls. Hope your niece feels the same way.

  4. I don’t understand what your niece is doing. An appointment at the store? Obviously, not a job interview. I don’t get it.

    • They have a tea parties and lunches there with the dolls (so I just learned last night from a friend with children). It costs something liek $40 a person. They can also go to the beauty salon and get their hair done. Both the doll and the little girl. I understand that is real people salon prices.

  5. Hope you have fun making the clothing items. I never thought this would be something I’d do, either. In fact, living in Canada, I’d never heard about American Dolls until reading Pattern Review. DD is too young for the 8 year old dolls but I did get her one for the smaller size. It’s amazed me at what fun I’ve had making those doll clothes. Hope you have a similar experience. I made a complimentary velvet dress for the doll to one that the daughter has. But the biggest hit by far (maybe because we can’t go to the American doll store here!!) is simple matching nightgowns and daughters and the dolls each have a store-bought applique lamb on the bodice. Simple and a big hit.

  6. If your SIL asks for an outfit too, hand her a xanax because she’s done and gone crazy. Can’t wait to see what you come up with for the niece and doll tho ;-0

  7. American Girl magazine is geared to girls aged 7-13. Much younger than that and many girls aren’t reading at the appropriate level yet. Much older and they may be ready to move on. But honestly I’m surprised to read so many reviews by 10 or 11 year old girls who feel they’re too old for this magazine. I don’t believe girls that age NEED magazines based solely on makeup tricks, flirting with boys, etc. AG has articles such as dealing with relationships with friends. Like when you and your best friend start to grow apart. Or when she moves away. Articles like one about a girl whose family travels around the world on their sailboat for two years. Crafts that you can actually be proud to give at the age of 10.

    Several reviewer have complained that the magazine is short and expensive. It is. But here’s why: there is NO advertising (short of anything American Girl related). In many magazines, advertising accounts for easily half the pages. And advertising enables publishers to sell magazines for a low cost. AG has no advertising and so has to charge a fair price to produce it. I’m more than willing to pay for that kind of publication.

    Parents ordering for your daughters, you know your girl. If you’ve got a 10 year old going on 16, this may not be for your child. If you have a precocious 6 year old, she might like it as well. AG is the kind of magazine I’m glad my daughters enjoy.

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