After Two Years We’re Back!

Trena and I did a podcast over the weekend. I know, it’s been two full years since we’ve recorded one. According to our last entry we podcasted because we were so excited over the June 2009 Burda that we had to talk. Maybe it’s just been two years since we were blown away.

I can’t embedd the player here on WordPress. But, you can go to Podbean and use the pop up player or download.

In this episode we discuss both the May and June 2011 Burdas, changes to the website and magazine and what we’re working on now. It should automatically upload to iTunes. You can stream above or go directly to our Podbean site.

If you are on iTunes, please leave a comment / review there. We have six from about two years ago. And, we’re vain.







  1. Enjoyed listening to you vent lol.. I pretty much second everything you guys said. I cancelled my Burda subscripction a year ago and even though I still flip through pages every month when the new issue comes out I haven’t bought one in a year. I completely hate the whole tracing sheets bs they have done and like you said for such a big company they don’t really respect their English readers much.. and most importantly I feel like overall the patterns are just kind of not modern and dowdy.. Sure the pictures are great and the models look great, but the actual patterns are horrible in my opinion and can only look good on those skinny models, and sometimes not even that is the case. Burda has gotten lazy and they lost me long time ago. Sorry I had to vent lol..

    • You’re right. It’s strange. It uploaded automatically to my itunes at home, but not in the store. Maybe it takes 24 hours? It’s been so long since we’ve done this we were struggling on remembering all the steps!

  2. Ladies, it’s great to hear you again. I’ve missed your podcast. I still subscribe to the Burda magazine but mostly because they seem to be ahead of trend in the US. Designs we saw in Burda 2 or 3 years ago are now showing up in the stores. So, does this mean that everyone will be wearing sacks in the next couple of years? Maybe…maybe not! That being said, I’ve only traced off a couple of things since they changed the format. The last time I ended up outlining the pieces with a black sharpie to be able to find the lines when tracing. I just got some tracing paper from Blick Art and I hope that will help since it is very see-through. Again, love your podcast!

  3. Went to beanpod? Fun to hear from you again. It seems that most of us have a love hate relationship with Burda. I love Burda’s fit so I keep reupping. I did not however renew my plus sized, because why would i want a second copy of patterns that are in the main magazine?
    Talk about 80’s did you take a good look at the June plus sizes? Flash dance revisited. Treina hates the tents because she’s petite but they make larger women look larger. Hiding doesn’t make you look thinner!
    I have lots more light than you do so tracing the patterns isn’t so bad for me. I do take a colored pencil and mark my the sizes I need. In plus I have to grade down the shoulders and grade up to the correct hip size. In regular sizes I grade up on the tracing paper. I don’t know what you are using for tracing paper, but i fine that the light weight rolls I use for work work very well for pattern tracing.

  4. Thanks for the laugh! I subscribed to Burda late last year & I think I’m way in over my head – I have enough trouble cutting on the lines on the big 3 patterns, forget tracing all those lines! I subscribed because I liked so much of what you & Trena make, but I’m not sure that I’m at that level yet. We’ll see.

  5. I’m so happy there’s another podcast! I still have all the old ones on my IPOD and even though I swap out all the other stuff on there I hold on to your podcasts like treasure. I lost at least five lbs running on the treadmill while listening to you and Trena talk about sewing and single girl stuff. Thanks!

    • Thanks for the heads up – I just listened to the podcast from Podbean, not i tunes. I didn’t realize that there were other podcast from the dynamic duo. I’m off to enjoy those, too.

  6. I listened on Podbean – no problem. Great podcast. Enjoyed hearing your comments about Burda, but mostly I enjoyed hearing why you sew what you do. It is always interesteing to hear why a sewer will choose one style over the other (ease of fitting? lifestyle? trendy? ). You and Trena were great to listen to and spot on regarding Burda, too. I used to just pick up rnadom issues at the book seller, but now am subsribing to the magazine – why did I wait so long? I really enjoyed hearing your comments on the May/June issues and what you think ‘works’ and what dosen’t. Sewing is such a singular activity:me, my sewing machine and two house cats, so it is great to hear what other sewers have to say. Hope to hear you two again talk about Burda/sewing. Thank you so much. And, good luck with the AMerican Girl doll costume.

  7. That was way fun to listen to! I came to visit here via The Slapdash Sewist. I am totally there with you on the diaper bikini.

  8. First podcast that I have listened to. It is nice to hear your voices. My mother and I get to talk sewing sometimes but it is nice to hear others discuss the topic. LOVED it.

  9. Oh, that was so much fun to listen to! I think this is my first time commenting here (though I’ve lurked for a while), but I wanted to say how much I like the podcast. Who knew hearing two people talk about patterns would be so much fun? More, please! 🙂

    (Also, I downloaded it via iTunes, no problem. )

  10. Because I listen to a lot of podcasts when I’m sewing, I was just thinking about your old podcast episodes recently (seriously!). So glad you guys are at it again.

  11. Awesome. In that time, I have continued to live in hope, never unsubscribing you!

    Sewing podcasts must be like buses, because I’ve waited a long time, and now two have come at once (yours and Isabelle at Kitty Couture’s!).

  12. Hello,
    I’m a fairly new reader of your blog, and I just wanted to say that both it and your podcast are great. I had a ton of fun sewing and listening to you guys… I hope you do another one soon, otherwise I may just have to listen to your old podcasts, too…

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