No Sewing. Exciting New Pattern.

I had gradiose dreams of sewing  up a skirt this weekend. But, the US Conference of Mayor’s took up a lot of my time.  I did wear the skirt on Friday night and decided that it needs to be taken in some.

Saturday night there was an event at Ft. McHenry, birthplace of the Star Spangled Banner. Liz and I were getting for the fireworks.  Those sparklers smelled *acrid*. And, burned out in like 45 seconds. You can see the blue volunteer shirt in tucked into my bag. I just wore it over my dress until I was off the clock. hee hee.

In sewing news, my Sewy bra pattern is here! I have to give a big thanks to a PR member. I wasn’t able to make the order from Germany because of the website. GlobalMom happened to be in Germany at the time I posted on the PR Board. She ordered the pattern for me and shipped it from the States when she got home. Awesome, right?!

This is the Rebecca pattern. The directions are all in German, but the photos are super clear. I’m really excited because it’s just like my favorite $60 bra and is my size exactly. No mixing and matching. No sizing up. Just straight up my size.

This is definitely my next project.



  1. Good luck on your bra sewing adventure! I recently purchased one of the Pin-Up Girls patterns and plan to give it a try after I finish all the other things I have planned to cram into the next couple of weeks or so. 😉

    And yeah…what’s the story with Mr. Hunkle?

  2. Do you have someone to translate or do you speak German? Mr Hunkle? Hmmm…

    • Yes, enquiring minds want to know about Mr. Hunkle. Also, I was the person who yelled out of their car window at you the other day on Guilford Ave. Maybe you remember or does that happen to you a lot? I hope you didn’t actually hear what I said as I am NOT in fact a blog stalker 🙂

      So I just went and got fitted for new bras and they are so awesome. 50 bucks a pop but they are working so hard for the girls. I am very pleased. At 50 bucks a pop I can see the appeal of sewing your own.

      • LOL. You know, I heard someone yelling for me. But, one of the people in the Mayoral Fellowship program I oversee told me she yelled at me along North Ave too. I’m going to have to start looking when I hear someone. Half the time I think it’s my imagination. Or some guy asking for a ride 😀 I only wear one ear phone so I definitely hear people. But, I also use it as an excuse to ignore people

  3. if you need help with the translation, just let me know, German is my mother tongue after all. Only downfall: I won’t have internet access from wednesday lunchtime (CET) until Monday morning….

    • Thanks Tini! The photos are actually pretty clear. And, I have made one bra before from Kwik Sew so I have a general idea. I think where I may need help is with elastic lengths, etc. That doesn’t seem as intuitive. I’ll see where I end up this weekend!

  4. Intriguing, you post a photo of a guy and say tonight’s the night, then a bra! At 8 mos pg I think I’m not old enough to know what happened next… LOL

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