Seersucker Social Vest Finds A New Home

If you recall, I made the 2-2008 #116 Burda ruffle vest for the DC Seersucker Social and it was saggy in the bust and big in the waist. I over did my FBA by a good 1.5 inches.  I said I needed to find someone five inches shorter with huge tatas. Well, I did.

Meet our high school intern M.! Let me apologize now for camera phone pictures. She wore the vest to work today and it was all I had. On principle, I abhor camera phone photos for viewing any place else other than a phone. But, I digress.

I brought the vest in a few weeks ago with her in mind. She says we’re the same bust size. Considering I was able to fit a tee shirt into the vest to fill it out, I think it’s fair to say she needs to be refit for underpinnings.

How adorable is she?

I’ll be honest, this is also the first time I’ve seen her in anything that fits her upper body and she wasn’t spilling out of. And, she told me it’s the first time she’s had a shirt button in years.

I normally hate giving sewn garments to people I know. I always worry they won’t appreciate them. Or get annoyed if I don’t see them wearing it. But, here is a teenager that’s already wearing it and understands that it fits her differently than RTW. She’s been telling people it’s a ‘designer vest’. And, she doesn’t care about those wonky wonky pockets. I’m so happy it went to a good home!


  1. How adorable is she in that vest?!?! You may have just given someone the spark to sew-she’s just realized that she can, in fact, have blouses that button (I have similar problems with RTW)

  2. She’s adorable & looks adorable in your vest! It’s great that she’s so thrilled to have a couture article of clothing – maybe you’ve planted the seeds of a future sewist?

  3. “she told me it’s the first time she’s had a shirt button in years.”

    This makes me want to cry…she looks so darn cute, and the vest does look like it
    was made for her. I’m so glad you found the perfect perspon to give it to. I’m with Colleen…maybe Miss Intern will think about learning to sew for herself!

    • She is totally adorable. Maybe she’ll want to learn to sew? Because she is too cute not to wear great fitting clothes.

  4. Adorable on her. I figured you have two choices. Start sewing for her, or teach her to sew. 😉

  5. Are you sure you weren’t think of her when you sewed the Seersucker vest? It fits her perfectly.


  6. Oh, that is so perfect! And yes, she needs to be refitted for bra size. But just think, you’ve just convinced the girl that sewing is the only way she’s ever going to have clothes that fit her. We recruit !

  7. It looks like you made it just for her. I have a theory that the human body is evolving – young girls today have much fuller busts than in my day.

  8. It’s pretty crazy that the vest looks like it’s specifically made for her. How come when I do all the adjustements for myself, the garment still doesn’t fit as well?

  9. She looks super-cute in the vest and I bet she’ll treasure it! You can chalk up your gift to being your ‘good deed for the day’ and reward yourself with some new fabric. Tell her to come get fitted at Bare Necessities in Greenspring Station. I happen to work there but this is not a plug– all these young ladies just think the world stops at a DD.

  10. What a perfect fit for a pretty young woman! It’s so nice when things we sew are appreciated. I’m glad you found the perfect “home” for your vest.

  11. She looks fabulous! Get that girl a sewing machine! How nice for you to find an appreciative home for that cute vest.

  12. She looks great in the vest! I’m surre your hard work will be cherished!

  13. Dang! I would SO make that vest if I had that month’s magazine. Love it! And I’m glad it found a good home.

  14. Wow, LOVELY! It’s such an odd feeling to have something you made to fit YOU (however semi-successfuly) fit someone else like a glove, isn’t it? But she looks so happy! Maybe her designer vest will even get her thinking about sewing herself ;).

  15. You did your B.A. (Bonne Action)! I agree with whoever above said you need to reward yourself with some fabric, LOL!

  16. It is so perfect for and I wouldn’t care about the wonky pockets if I had something that fit me so perfect for the first time, either.

  17. oh wow, she is so cute and the vest is just adorable on her.
    Maybe you will inspire her to learn how to sew!

  18. That is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! She is so happy(it’s written all over her face) that she found something to fit her nicely. YOU ROCK!!!!! WHAT A WAY TO BOOST THE SELF ESTEEM!

  19. That’s amazing – it looks like you made it to fit her! As others have said, I really hope it inspires her to take up sewing – and even if not, at least she definitely appreciates the art of sewing 🙂

  20. Miss M looks divine in that vest. She really rocks that look! It’s nice to know she appreciates custom clothing!

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