Double, Single or None?

Helloooo! I had a great weekend! Hopefully next week I can tell you a bit more about it with photos. I also started sewing a quick knit dress for a party this Friday. Trena is going to be my fabulous (and similarly dressed) date. I also FINALLY bought a Wii after a year of wanting one. Not for the exercise. I just wanted to stream Netflix into the basement when sewing.  I haven’t even bothered opening up the game that came with it, LOL. BTW, the Triangle Fire special in streaming now.

But, that’s not why I’m writing. I finished this Burda Magazine 6/2009 #104 skirt above. It’s a muted pink and cream seersucker. It’s the fourth of my Four Skirts in Four Days (I havent’ posted #3 yet). I’m not wearing it yet because I don’t have a coordinating top. I’m working on that though.

I originally envisioned this as a suit with a matching jacket from the Spring / Summer 2008 Burda Easy Fashion. But, I’m not sure what my button situation would be. Because it’s got two rows of buttons, does that limit my jacket choice?

I also like this jacket from 9/2009 Burda last year that Kristy made me absolutely crazy for. But, I’m not sure it can be worn with a two row button skirt. Especially if the buttons aren’t symetrical / aligned. And, I don’t know that this is a jacket that looks good un-buttoned.

I also wonder if this #113 jacket from the May 2011 Burda is a good compromise. I like that it’s a bit nautical too. Similar buttons, but without having to worry about button alignment when buttoned.

So, Single, Double, or no buttons on a matching jacket? I’m open to thoughts on this one, please.



  1. hmmm, I’d go with jacket #1 of the 3 you posted. It is so very cute. I’d be concerned about whether the double breasted jacket is too much double-breastedness with the skirt.
    But I’d also look into a button-less jacket.

    That 3rd jacket is to die for. I discontinued my subscription to Burda, wonder if I can get the pattern online.
    I think I subconsciously copied you with this 4-skirt-thing. I cut out 4 knit dresses, with the idea of getting them done within 4 days. Where else would I have gotten such an idea?

  2. Those jackets are supercute, but the overall visual might be “too many buttons” if you have them on the skirt AND the jacket. The my 2 cents.

    Cute skirt!!

  3. Either a single row of buttons or no buttons at all. I agree with you…the buttons not being symmetrical/aligned may not coordinate so well and “You gotta COORDINATE!” (to quote a line from Boomerang). IMHO, with a skirt like that, the jacket needs to be close fitting (no type of flaring out from the waist).

  4. I like all the jackets but not with the skirt, I think there would be too many buttons. I would go with a cardigan style button-less jacket.

  5. Oh, it’d good to know that we are all different! What a treat to read all the comments, and consider all the options. I’d go with jacket #3, because a garment can never have enough buttons, imo. The seersucker of the skirt is jauntily nautical, as is the jacket pattern. And since you live in a port city, “nautical” is always in style. Could you find buttons with anchors on them?

  6. I actually like the 3rd jacket choice. I think it will show off your figure better than the 1st option, especially when worn paired with the skirt.

    • T wear with this skirt, I would go with single-breasted jacket, because otherwise all those rows of buttons might make your figure look too boxy and wide.
      Though, my favourite jacket pattern is the last.

  7. The border print and the seersucker skirt are both really nice. I like the idea of the stitched pleats – will have to investigate some summer. Only this morning whilst having my morning pot of tea, I was eyeing off the Burda jacket. I’m seeing it with high waisted pants (that I have yet to make).

  8. The skirt is beyond cute! You’re making me want to make more skirts, LOL!

    I vote for no 1 because I’m in love with raglan sleeves right now.

  9. For what it’s worth…the last jacket for sure! I think the eye would be drawn in to your waist as the jacket buttons start wider and taper in. Must get that pattern. My local library has subscribes to Burda so I get all the benefits without the stockpile of mags! Love it! Wish they would do that with Patrones!

  10. I like jacket #3 as well-I think the line of the outfit will make you look boxy with either of the first two, over that particular skirt.

  11. I would also take a look at Burda June 2008 115. I made this jacket a while back and I highly recommend it for wearing with a skirt.

  12. I like the last one the best. I think it would match the best but would also be more flattering on you. I definitely wouldn’t go with the first one, it’s too boxy and not fitted enough.

  13. I love jacket #3 and think it could look great with the skirt. I’m wondering how a zip-front jacket would look, too. Hmmm

  14. Love the skirt & the jackets- but not together. It seems like the skirt could go with something without buttons. Thanks for the opportunity to opt in.

  15. I’m also leaning more towards single or no buttons with that skirt, just to keep it from being too matchy-matchy. Plus if the double-breasted jacket buttons didn’t line up with the buttons on the skirt, that might look kind of wonky.

    I’m laughing at your Wii comment because I recently bought a laptop largely for the same reasons– so I could look up tutorials (on something easier to read than my phone) and stream Netflix while I’m sewing in the basement!

  16. Jacket no.2 doesn’t hang very well when it’s unbuttoned, it’s definately one to wear buttoned up all the time. I like jacket no.3 too because the buttons are on an angle and so they will deliberately look like they’re meant to be out of line.

    I wish I had that pattern for jacket no.1 though – it’s really cute

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