Four Skirts in Four Days Part III: BWOF 9/2009 #121

You know, the last time I tried the skirt-a-day project was a few Memorial Day Weekends ago. That netted me three Patrones skirts I still wear (Chloe, Vero Moda, Roberto Musso). My goal is to have the 40+ skirts of Trena. Ok. Fine. I’ll settle for 10 wearable skirts for each season 🙂

Is it cheating that I decided to make two skirts from the same pattern during my mini-break? This #121 gather skirt from the September 2009 Burda World of Fashion magazine is just perfect for summer. I chose skirts for my break because they are good for biking to work. I can wear an athletic top with them and switch to a work blouse when I get in the office. Plus, it made me bite the bullet and start incoporating seperates into my wardrobe.

This fabric is from PR Weekend Los Angeles back in 2008 (the first version is from PR Weekend 2010 in Philly). Man. I realize I have problem fabric shopping. I never want to buy less than four yards. Then, I don’t want to just cut some of it for something like a skirt. And, I have no ability / memory to estimate the amount of fabric needed for any project. Just ask Robin. We went fabric shopping last week and I may have driven her bananas.

I am happy to report that I’ve sewn all but one of the fabrics from LA (the silk all the way to the right is uncut). Sad to say, I ruined the rainbow striped knit the first time I cut it. Booo! I *adored* that fabric. I mean, really. I’m still looking for something similar.

Can you imagine that people asked me if I actually embroidered and sewed on all the sequins? I couldn’t help but laugh. And, I was asked THREE TIMES! This skirt material is a super lightweight cotton with bronze embroidery and sequins on the border. It’s really more of a shirt / tunic weight. Which of course I didn’t consider until construction. To beef it up and make it opaque, I used the non embroidered top half as skirt lining.

The skirt is full without adding width. I shortened the skirt pattern by two inches and planned to hem the 4 cm length at the bottom. Then, I realized the skirt edge was on the selvedge. So, I’m leaving well enough alone and just hemmed the lining.

Construction was less than two hours. I was so thrilled with the ease and overall cuteness of this project. It’s interesting to see the difference between the two skirts based solely on material.

One last skirt from my mini-break to go!

Some of you have asked about my shoes lately. I am honest when I say it’s because of blog comments that I’ve been trying to buy better shoes. You guys are pretty quick to point out when my shoes don’t go with my outfits. I HATE shoe shopping. Well, I actually hate shopping. I’d rather chew glass.

The red pair of Borns are from the beginning of the season. I don’t know that they are still available. And, I overpaid for them so I’m loathe to post their price here.

The shoes in this post are from Aerosoles. I have the Gingeroot pair in grey and also in a pinkish leather. They are currently $30 on sale.

The strappy pair from the plaid silk jersey dress last week are South Role are also Aerosoles and are on sale for $30. I have them in green and tan. I would suggest going up half a size in these.

I like Aerosoles because I know my size, they are comfortable, they come in wide options, I can usually find a coupon for free shipping and there is a store near my office so they are easy / free return if I don’t like them. Hope that helps!


  1. It’s a great skirt, why not make it more than once? It really does look very different in the fabrics you chose. It’s flattering and it looks perfect for biking to work in. I like the shoes too.

  2. I like that skirt length, but then I hate my knees & don’t like skirts that show my knees any more. I do like your knees, though 🙂 I also agree with your comment about the skirt being full without adding width. It’s a flattering & feminine skirt. I’ll have to see if I can find the pattern on BS.

  3. Love the skirt, and the embroidery makes me think of bicycle tires, which is cool since you bike to work. 🙂 I can relate to your thoughts on shopping. Shoe shopping is the worst though, because I always have something fairly specific in mind and then when I don’t find it I get really frustrated. Even worse when I find it, but not in my size (7-7.5).

  4. I really like the skirt and think it’s kewl that you self-lined it. I think 40+ skirts is an admirable goal! *LOL* Especially since they are so versatile in your wardrobe! As for your shoes, I think if you have a retailer that works for you and makes it easier to buy, definitely use them and buy in multiple colors. That’s probably why I own so many pairs of shoes, I buy from my favorites and in several colors at a clip…makes the shopping less onerous.


    So a slip is needed to wear this? I don’t remember you saying that you lined it.

  6. I’ve noticed your cute shoes of late. I’m trying to buy better shoes, too. Thanks for sharing the Aerosoles links. Have you tried Naturalizer yet? They have some nice ones hidden in there.

  7. I love that the embroidery looks like little bicycle wheels!

    There’s an interesting article about Mughal Maal embroidery in the latest issue of Saudi Aramco World (link is to the online version of the article.)

  8. I love this skirt! A perfect use of the patterned edge. I traced the top pattern a few months ago and intend to make it this summer. I bought some fabric last summer that is a mint green and chocolate brown stripe on white background that I intend to use for it. The fabric reminds me of you, because you posted about a green/brown outfit once. If I can find a nice choc brown fabric for the skirt I may just copy this whole outfit shamelessly. Except for the shoes that is …

  9. So so cute!! The fabric is awesome. How is it that a border print always elevates something to boutique-ness.

  10. I hate shoe shopping, too. It is unlikely that I will ever post pictures of my clothing that includes the shoes, at least not anymore. When my girls started showing preferences for shoes, my husband and I immediately expressed our gratitude that my mom and sisters would be happy to take them shoe shopping.

    I do love the skirt.

  11. Man, I had forgotten about that top. It is SO CUTE and looks so fab with the skirt. Love the skirt and am so amused by the comments about whether you did the embroidery yourself. People are so funny–they think that it either takes 30 minutes to sew a dress or 30 hours, and not really much in between. I’m guessing the embroidery askers are of the 30 minutes variety.

  12. Another winner! The fabric is really pretty and lends itself so well to this pattern. You look cool and elegant in this outfit.
    I have to confess I hate shoe shopping too, I don’t have a particular fitting issue, I just hate the trying/buying process!

  13. What a fun skirt! The top is super cute too–I love the detail at the sleeves. Did you make this one too? It looks very Burda. 😉

  14. HI there – loving your blog all the way from Scotland! You have really inspired me this year to get back to dressmaking (I mostly craft) I now have a new subscription to Burda magazine (last time I did that was 1989!) I spotted this site today and thought you might like to peruse, apologies if you have visited there before

    Living in Scotland means I have great access to traditional woollen fabrics, but I have been lucky enough to visit the garment district in both LA and NYC. Liking your skirt projects and anticipating what’s next from ya!

    • Thanks for the link! I hadn’t seen the site before. Welcome back to Burda 🙂 And, you can’t just throw words around like ‘traditional woollen fabrics’ without making my heart skip a few beats!

  15. Love your skirt – the fabric is so unusual and it teams well with your trench jacket. I have the opposite problem with fabric buying. I routinely buy 2 metres, only to find that 2.5 or 2.3 was the actual requirement. I have started a mini notebook that I carry in my handbag in which I list how much fabric is need for each pattern that I am looking for fabric to make up.

  16. I remember the store where you bought that fabric, I bought a cotton lawn at there which is still in my stash. I still have way too much fabric from that trip…

  17. It IS a beautiful fabric and the skirt looks great on you! I over-buy fabrics, too. Anything less than 3 yards just seems like a risky investment.

  18. Thank you so much for your comment. The skirt is a work in progress, but i´m already sure I will love the result.
    Your beautiful versions got me the kick to get started …

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