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Tee Shirt Refashion; Burda 2/2009 #118

It’s campaign season in these parts and I’ve been busy. If you’re going to door knock and lit drop, you should do so in style, no?

Here’s a slightly more complicated refashion I did just in time for the September primaries. I’ve made this pattern as a polka dot top and as a dress (now owned by my mom).

I used about three of the above XL campaign tees to make this shirt from the February 2009 #118  Burda and one gold tee from the Goodwill to get the neckline trim. Why so many? The shirt is six pattern pieces including lots of curved seams. In addition, I made a significant FBA with darts with Nancy K’s guidance. To prep the black tee shirts to use as fabric, I pre-washed them several times in hot water to make sure they wouldn’t shrink on me.

I’ve complained about the sleeve construction when I’ve made this before, but apparently, the third time is the charm! This shirt isn’t for me. I wasn’t able to get a photo of it on the recipient, but will post if one becomes available.

Here’s the original from Burda:

And lightened for details on the black:

For kicks, do you see anything familiar in this tv commercial?


22 thoughts on “Tee Shirt Refashion; Burda 2/2009 #118

  1. I don’t like the Burda original. I think the sleeves are awkward and the whole effect is unbalanced. The flounces are too low while the torso is too short.

  2. whoa, those purple walls look familiar! I want. I need. I must have. a t-shirt!!
    Love it!

    Off to the google to see how I can get my own campaign t-shirt to re-fashion one for myself.

  3. Great refashion. The contrast trim is a nice touch. Now I am curious and will have to ask my BFF, who lives in Baltimore, about the politics up there.

  4. Great re-fashion. I’m sure the recipient loves it. Is that your front porch I spy in the video?

  5. Cute – fashion and politics do mix. Hope the mayoral contest isn’t as dirty as portrayed on The Wire.

  6. Nice refashion. It’s always fun to see a boring t-shirt made into something wearable and cute. 😉 I love it when Hilda makes her t-shirt fabulous for the Mode show during fashion week on Ugly Betty. I think of that episode when I see your refashions. Maybe those cute sleeves will get some votes.

  7. It looks great. I’m glad that I could help you with this one. Getting all the type below the seam worked perfectly. I thought that was your living room when I saw the ad on Facebook. It looks good on camera.

  8. You’ve refashioned t-shirts before, and they are always improved.

    Isn’t that your front porch and living room?

  9. Great refashion- do you know if the pattern is still available? I am not able to find it or am just missing it…love the blog 🙂

  10. I’ve seen this commercial several times now – certainly looks like your living room. I wish I could convince my husband to paint our bedroom that color purple – love it. I’m dying to know – and maybe you won’t share – but are you in Ednor Gardens? Because that’s where I am and your house looks so much like ours (albeit MUCH neater!) and like so many of our neighbors’ houses.

    🙂 Elizabeth

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