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Teddies and Refashioned Campaign Tee

Vogue 7837, currently available

I didn’t mean to leave you in the lurch on what lingerie teddies were for. I thought I was the only one who didn’t really know. As I mentioned, I emailed LindsayT. They just didn’t make sense to me. Are they camisoles? Are they slips? How do you use the bathroom in them? What do you wear them under or with? Here’s the email she sent back:

Well child, back in the old days we would wear those pieces of lingerie, called “teddies,” under our business attire when we thought we might get lucky at a happy hour after work. They snap under the crotch and technically you’re not supposed to wear a bra or panties with them, so they really only worked on A-cup gals. Or you would wear teddies at home as loungewear, preferably with your high-heeled maribou slippers.

Now, we all know 🙂

And here is last week’s refashioned tee on the new owner / candidate. Liz did all the Beadazzling…. And, FYI, in case you’re wondering. I’m not dating Liz either. Odd statement? I’ve gotten three comments in the last month asking if I’m dating Trena.

I’m working on mine, there are just 30 days until the primaries! It’s cut out and pinned. I just haven’t had time to sew.