Teddies and Refashioned Campaign Tee

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I didn’t mean to leave you in the lurch on what lingerie teddies were for. I thought I was the only one who didn’t really know. As I mentioned, I emailed LindsayT. They just didn’t make sense to me. Are they camisoles? Are they slips? How do you use the bathroom in them? What do you wear them under or with? Here’s the email she sent back:

Well child, back in the old days we would wear those pieces of lingerie, called “teddies,” under our business attire when we thought we might get lucky at a happy hour after work. They snap under the crotch and technically you’re not supposed to wear a bra or panties with them, so they really only worked on A-cup gals. Or you would wear teddies at home as loungewear, preferably with your high-heeled maribou slippers.

Now, we all know 🙂

And here is last week’s refashioned tee on the new owner / candidate. Liz did all the Beadazzling…. And, FYI, in case you’re wondering. I’m not dating Liz either. Odd statement? I’ve gotten three comments in the last month asking if I’m dating Trena.

I’m working on mine, there are just 30 days until the primaries! It’s cut out and pinned. I just haven’t had time to sew.


  1. I agree with everything LindsayT said about teddies, except that they were not only for A-cups. I have never been an A cup (well maybe in 7th grade) and I loved teddies and wore them all the time. Nothing underneath, except pantyhose sometimes. It was a way to feel supremely sexy, especially for a gal who has never worn high heels. Ever. My sister, who wears high heels even to do house cleaning, was too embarrased to wear teddies because according to her they were too slutty.

    I thought that teddies were still being worn. I stopped wearing them when my body grew widthwise to be even with my D cups.

    PS Not that dating a girl is wrong if you are a girl and that’s the way you roll, but what’s with people? It always bothers me that a lot of people don’t believe that Oprah and Gayle are just sistah/friends. I feel sorry for them because it means they have never had a close friend of the same sex..

  2. Happily I did know what a teddy was. I wear them under dresses.

    So women can have a best friend anymore without there being something amorous about it. Ugh! That irks me.

  3. Hold on everyone. Cidell is going out with Trena, she’s going out with me. 😉 Just kidding. That is a really weird question to ask.

  4. I’m around Lindsay T’s age, maybe a little older, and I grew up with the term “bodysuit.” For me, “Teddies” were something worn by flappers and women in the 1930s and 1940s. I used to read about them in books. I seem to remember that the characters wore them with “clock” stockings, but I can’t find anything from the right era on the web.


  5. I used to wear teddies a lot, too. They were sexy, comfortable and cool. I haven’t owned one in yeeeeeeeears, though. And I agree with JudithNYC – if you can’t go out with your girlfriend because she’s your friend and you’d rather hang out with her than the love-of-your-life (don’t we all need a break from the love-of-our-life every so often?), then we live in a culture that’s lost the art of deep friendship . Whatever happened to being “bosom buddies” without any innuendo?

  6. I believe that bodysuits and teddies are not the same thing. Bodysuits are a more modern concept, tend to be close fitting with stretch properties, and can be worn as final, visible garments (see Donna Karan’s 1980’s bodysuits), whereas teddies are lingerie and tend to be silky and loose enough to entice with the expectation of seeing something more than intended. Wide, drapy leg holes, low wide armholes, and even lower backs. They were definitely worn in the 20s and 30s but those were more practical versions. True teddies are pure seduction like peignoirs and marabou slippers.

  7. Thanks for the chuckle on both fronts. I didn’t think I was that old, but I know what a teddy is too! Finally, I’m jealous of your & Trena’s friendship. I know that you don’t live around the corner from each other, but my best bud & I are across the country from each other & with work & small kids, it’s tough to even get a bit of phone time. I miss that.

  8. Yeap I wore them too and I wasn’t a A cup at the time! But am I the only one that wore them with the top of the teddy like a camisole underneath a skirt and sweater combo? Maybe it was because I worked in retail then…

    You did a great job on the refashion and I hope the primary season is going well!

  9. Love all your Featherweight treasures. Two keys! Is your oil can one of the very short ones that originally came with the 221? Congratulations.

  10. The refashion looks SOOOO cute. I must admit, I had my doubts when you showed it in a previous post, but I’m happy to admit when I’m wrong. You’ve done a wonderful job and your co-worker looks fabulous.

  11. Lookin’ good, Mayor SRB!

    My best friend and I have been friends for almost 14 years, and people have been asking if we’re together for almost the whole time. I’m most amused by the people who say things like “I’m totally fine if you are”, cause it’s like, well, good for you!

  12. Readers, I was not as trampy as I sound here back in the old days.

    LOL about you and Trena dating!

  13. My cousin lives with us now, and we go out and do stuff once (illicit “errands” to hobby lobby or joann’s, for crying out loud) or twice a week without my DH. Nobody has commented about it since I dress girly and she does not, but a couple people have looked at us funny!

  14. Don’t you love the assumption that because you hang out with a girlfriend, you must be dating them? I get that all the time. I don’t bother correcting people any more.

  15. Longtime Baltimore reader, first time post-er.

    I actually saw Mayor Rawlings-Blake taping what I assumed to be a campaign commerical at the Farmers’ Market yesterday, and without noticing her re-worked t-shirt, I thought, “Damn, she looks good.” So sleek, so stylin’. I even looked around to see if I could recognize anyone who might be Cidell. Too funny. Being that it’s Smalltimore, there’s no doubt we’ll run into each other someday. Looking forward to it.

    • I was there too! I was handing out stickers. She was just doing hand shaking yesterday — no commercial taping. I’m at that market every week. So we well may run in to each other 🙂

  16. Thanks for clearing up what teddies were…I was pretty close with my definition (though I thought they were for home–not the office, guess I’m too straight laced, LOL!)

    I can’t believe that people have seriously asked if you are dating Trena, apparently they’ve been selectively reading. How sad that having a good friend means you need to defend your friendship against these types of whack jobs. 😦

    • Thanks for clearing the air about teddies… and you and Trena, I guess that means I have a chance. Just kidding! The crazy things people feel the need to comment on. ;p

  17. I had know idea that teddies were for THAT! Hahaha.

    Just curious about the Trena comments…did they all end with “not that there’s anything wrong with that.”? (Sure hope you not too young to understand the Sienfeld connection!)

  18. One positive spin on the friends-that-aren’t-dating thing — homosexuality is becoming more acceptable now! Folks wouldn’t have dared to make such a comment some years ago (the evil, cruel ones excepted). Hopefully as we (society) become more comfortable and open around gayness, folks will no longer be in “I spotted one!” mode. My two cents.

  19. OK, I’m hysterical that Linday t just basically had to tell us all that the purpose of a teddy is to get some action. LOL Awesome.

    As for you and Trena, I can’t help wondering if maybe there is some kind of strange racial element to the comments. I have a close friend who is ethnically Chinese, and I’m white. We’ve experienced some weird comments and assumptions about our friendship, too.

    • I actually don’t disagree with that. I have a white Jewish friend and have gotten the same comments regarding her when we have been out.

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