Sewing Underthings

One of the reasons I’m interested in lingerie is to start making my own underthings. I never really thought I would want to. Five for $25 at Victoria’s Secret suited me just fine. But, then I realized the things I were drawn to, the pretty lacy bits, were far more expensive. I started a Pinterest Board for the underpinings that were appealing to me.

I bought a $5 pair of thongs from Target (above) and got to work. Here are the two styles I’ve done. They are both thongs.

Lace along the side with a center front seam. I love this fabric! This embroidered stretch lace was a gift from Hilde when I was in Amsterdam.

Elastic along the side, no center front seam. This yellow and white stretch lace  was also a gift from Hilde. Isn’t it pretty? I saved enough to make a matching bra at some point.

And, I assembly lined about five pairs of these white lace ones. The lace from these came from a local manufacturer and was 50 cents a yard. So, I can make panties for about $1. Not the least expensive garment given my time, but prettier and cheaper than what I was finding in the same range.

I have black and bone colored lace that is the same. But, I need to dye some elastics for the waistband first.

My next stab will be making drawers from supplex for working out and biking.

Then, I’m going to attack  these knickers. I have a really hard time buying them off the shelf due to my, umm, assests.



  1. I have been reading some blogs of late about making your own bras and undies. I am amazed at what I have seen! I didn’t realize under garments had become so popular to make. Nor did I ever think oh I will make a bar? From what I have seen I would love to learn how to do that!

  2. I’m very impressed. I want to do this myself and I’ve bought supplies several times. I tnink I need a clear weekend and a clear head just to trial a few styles. I’m keen to hear how these wear. I just paid $10 for a cheap pair of knickers that I don’t like. When I was in the US last year I stocked up at Victoria’s Secret and Fredericks of Hollywood, but they don’t wear very well and 8 months later I’ve already thrown some out. I really want to make bras as well. Didn’t you do that a while back? You’re super clever.

  3. I used to work with a lady who made the whole suite of undies (panties, bra and matching slip) to match whatever she was wearing on the outside. She was amazing.

  4. The first time I made a pair of underpants I wanted to kick myself, they were so easy,fit so well and didn’t cost anything to make. There used to be a shop in Glen Burnie that gave classes, but they’re long gone. What’s the local source for lace? I may make a trip next week. Thanks.

  5. I like sewing my own underpants too. It’s very addicting. I haven’t tackled lace one because I’ve had problems finding inexpensive stretch lace for my plus sized self. I’m south of Baltimore so will check your Balto resource.

  6. I love what you’ve made! Once you get a TNT undie pattern it’s pretty easy to churn them out.

    Since manufacturers have stopped stretching the butt elastic I can’t wear most RTW bikinis–they migrate into thongs in short order. I heard Hanes cotton are good, same as Victoria’s Secret cotton used to be.

  7. OMG . . .this sounds really strange to say, but your panties are just gorgeous! You should be very pleased with your efforts!!

  8. One time I got a job working with a local patternmaker. I thought I was the luckiest person in the world. I won’t go into why I was not, but she did make me sew up samples of some of the largest women’s underwear I have ever witnessed. But I was proud afterwards because I never would have thought that sewing panties was so easy. I never would have thought I could do it at all! It’s definitely a great way to save $$ on some of the fancier types.

  9. Very big smile here :-D. The thongs look great! And isn’t it satisfying to sew such pretty things? I might go back and get some more of this lace for myself (but perhaps I should sew up some of the lace I already have first..)
    I also really like your pinterest board, although I do miss my favourite brand there: Prima Donna (Marie Jo, the sister brand has very nice things as well, but they don’t go up to my size).
    One more thing: on the Dutch lingerie-making message board I heard about someone on etsy selling very nice lace:
    You probably still have lots to work with, but I thought I’d mention it :-).

  10. “assets” … I like that! I think your lacey wear is really nice. When I go on holidays from study I want to try making a bra and undies set too. Hope I have fewer “assets” by then.

  11. I’ve never thought to make undies. The biggest criteria for me in undies is the no-ride-up factor. That means the good old, frumpy, Jockey hipsters for me. Can pretty undies be non-ride-uppy? If so, I might get interested….

  12. I saw a pair of drawers – tiny skimpy little pieces of froth- going for $145 at one of our local boutiques. That’s likely what yours are worth! Bee-utiful!

  13. You have elegant taste in underwear. Beautiful job on these. Did you rip apart the Target undies and use them for your pattern?

    I just completed two utilitarian pair of powerdry. I use these when I go hiking and kayaking. Not nearly as pretty as yours!

    You’ve inspired me to find some new sources for stretch lace…

  14. Ooohhh-la-la! How much fun are these? Maybe I need to re-think my own, strictly utilitarian, underpinnings . . .

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