Baltimore Comic-Con Costumes

Somehow, it totally escaped me that Baltimore plays host to Comic Con. It’s one of those fan conventions for comic, sci fi, etc. I went on Saturday for an hour to see the costume contest. Turns out, I’m a far bigger geek than I thought previously.

I *love* Buffy, Serenity,Star Wars, X-Men (movies) Veronica Mars, Transformers (the original cartoon), Thundercats (oooooold cartoon), and Star Wars.

I honestly didn’t know who most of the people I photographed were trying to be. But, really liked the creativity.

I initially tried to take photos of ones that didn’t look pre-packaged. But, I couldn’t resist some of ones I grew up on.

Hers is from a kit but she’s Supergirl!

I loved Robin for his lunch box.

And, Wolverine. Ohh. Wolverine. Is there anything not to like about Hugh Jackman?

Here is my absolute and total favorite costume of the whole night. So funny. So creative. I’m still chuckling.


  1. I love the costumes at these events. I know many people turn up their noses at them, but a lot of the costumes are really good. Some are really bad. And it’s always fun to people watch.

  2. I didn’t realize Comic-Con was so close to me….for some reason, I was thinking it was in San Diego or something. One of my friends and I were kind of discussing going next year (in costume, of course)…that makes it easier to consider.

  3. San Diego is where the really large 3-4 day event is held but most cities host ther own Comic Con’s as well! I know Philly hosts one, NYC hosts a few as well plus Atlanta, Chicago…pretty much everywhere!

  4. someday i will go to a comic con (i LOVE comic books. hey, you should check out fables, it’s my favorite series right now). anyway, the sailor girl is from sucker punch, and i think she’s with nite owl (from the watchmen). harley quinn is the joker’s girlfriend. that eye patch guy is probably nick fury (avengers), i want to say the guy with him is deadpool (the swords make me think that, but he’s in black and i thought deadpool is usually in red), and i think that’s poison ivy with wolverine.

    i don’t know whether to be proud i know all that off the top of my head, or if it’s kinda sad….

  5. Oh PS, I forgot to mention that one of the nicest things about Hugh Jackman is that is happily married to Debra Lee Furness, a very accomplished Australia actress who campaigns on social issues here in Sydney.

  6. Not to out-geek you, but… the girl with the bow is Katniss (Mockingjay) from the Hunger Games; the Sailor girl is Babydoll from Suckerpunch as mamafitz said, but it isn’t Nightowl that she’s with (um Nightowl doesn’t have antennae); and that would be SnakeEyes from GI Joe with Nick Fury. I love the C3PO guy – that’s hysterical. I’m such a geek.

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