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Four Skirts in Four Days, Part IV!: Burda 6-2009-104 Wrap Skirt

I actually finished this skirt months ago and didn’t get a chance for photos or to blog. After writing this post ages after completing the garment, I realize I am¬†*boring* when an article isn’t fresh on my mind! So, I apologize now for the rudimentary post. I’m just fuzzy on the finer points after all this time. What happened to my memory? I used to recall conversations verbatim. Now, I write notes to myself so I can remember what people said to me. While we’re talking about getting older. I’ve been obsessed about these laugh lines around my mouth lately. I was almost relieved when I saw some forgotten photos of me from 10+ years ago with the same lines. Turns out I didn’t care in my 20s. Only in my 30s did they stand out ūüôā

Enough of that. Back to the skirt! The flash washed the color of the skirt out a bit so I’m posting it below with no flash.

¬†It’s a strawberry cream seersucker. I *think* I bought it at Metro Textiles last year. But, I honestly don’t remember! See, again with the memory thing! The cream buttons are from A Fabric Place here in Baltimore.

This Burda 6-2009-104 skirt sucked me in by two elements: double row of buttons and seersucker. I am so totally predictable. Make it a trench, vest, cape or seersucker and I’m all in.

The line drawing shows it looking fairly straight, but I found on me it was a little a-line. This could have been for the additional width I added at the thighs.

The buttons on the front are mostly decorative as this is a wrap skirt with a side zipper.

There’s a slit on the inside for walking.

Ummm, I’ve worn the skirt bunches. But, I dont’ love it on me. It’s slightly too small with no room to let out. I had to do a lot of futzing with fit. After completion, I actually took the waist in two more times before it was wearable.

Despite adding about 2 inches of width in the thigh, it’s still about 1/2 inch snug. I also made a full seat adjustment in two places to accommodate¬†for my swayback and full seat and it’s not quite enough (or smooth based on this photo!).

You can see the skirt still sits a scootch higher at the center front. The center back seam isn’t really¬†centered on me and the side seams are off because of all my adjustments (and my full forward thighs).

Overall, I’m meh. It’s a nice staple and certainly adds to the work wardrobe. But, it’s not top garment for 2011. I’ve gotten a lot of wear out of it, but I don’t know if I would make it again. I think I need to make a simple pencil skirt and make some decisions on the best skirt style for me.

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Simplicity 3882, Not once. But, twice.

This is just the kind of dress I said I wasn’t going to sew this year! It’s a throw away dress needed in a pinch. It’s knit when I’ve been trying to sew more wovens. It’s casual and I’ve wanted to be more chic. It’s a bright and bold pritn and I’ve been trying to incorporate more solids. It’s a dress and I need more¬†separates. I told myself I was going to sew more complicated garments instead of just trying to stock my closet. This dress took me less than two hours to sew and I have got to say, “I am so glad I can sew!!”

You see my friends, I have no “hang out clothes”. I solely focus on work garments. ¬†Now, I have clothes I can meet you after work in. I can meet you for cocktails or dinner even. I can meet your parents. I can go to the museum or theater with you. I can go to church and attend a wedding. But, again, I have no ‘run around clothes’. I don’t have a thing that ¬†can be worn to a football game at your house.

Yes, yes. There are jeans. But, I have some thick thighs and look 10 pounds heavier in jeans and try not to wear them all that often. Last month I had this dilema. I needed a “Farmer’s Market on a Sunday” outfit. What did I do? I Dropped $32 at H&M for the tunic above to wear with jeggings. The second time I wore that tunic was two weeks later on a Saturday morning coffee date. The third time I wore that tunic was later that week to a Thursday night free outdoor concert. Do you sense a theme here? I have no casual clothes.

Friday night came around and I needed something to wear on a Saturday night to watch football. I decided to go back to Simplicity 3882 made in 2007.

(Simplicity 3882 in 2007. Clearly, me at my thinnest. Ever.)

I remade the dress from the remnants of this Simplicity 3503 maxi dress. In this version, I cut the elastics all about 4 inches shorter than recommended and made a dartless 3/4 inch FBA.

So, I pulled it off! I had a new dress in short order and managed to eek the last of summer of out of my sewing.

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The Definition of Obsession

True to my word, I haven’t had time to sew. In two weeks I have lived through an earthquake (interesting), a hurricane (blessedly undwerwhelming) and now this week a street race! This weekend Baltimore is hosting our first Grand Prix. ¬†An actual Indy style street race in our downtown.


This has been in the works for over a year an I can’t believe it’s FINALLY here. I’ve spent most of the weekend at the race working and can’t wait for Monday so I can sleep. I think my ears are still ringing…. If you want to see what it’s like, it’s airing on Versus and ABC today (Sunday).

My friend Catalina (the owner of Frida) is back from Espana. While there she picked up some Patrones as a little gracias for taking care of her pooch.

This Mango cape absolutely caught my eye (click to enlarge)! I have two Burberry wools that I’m contemplating. I just hate the thought of matching big plaids on the exterior (shudder).

It’s no longer on Mango. But, is for sale on ASOS for $102. Only the Large available. And, it’s not even wool! I can definitely do this for less than $100 and it will be a better fabric.

I haven’t had time to try and suss out the description. Can we seriously talk about how my sub par Spanish has deteriorated? I was barely able to order papusas last week.

This week, I also got some bra laces I ordered from RainCrazy133 on ¬†Etsy. I bought these to coordinate with some packets I have from Summerset. ¬†The prices are very reasonable and shipping our of Hong Kong is great. Again, I just don’t know of a resource like this in the US.

If you ask, she’ll send you mirror cuts if they are available.

Oh, and I’ve put in paperwork to adopt a dog. I’m SO SO nervous. I love the idea of a pet, but what if I don’t like being a pet owner? What if I feel tied down? What if it’s too much responsibility for me? What if it gets expensive? What if I want to travel? Why do I feel the same way about a dog as I do about having children? I kid. Well, not really.

I’ll hopefully start meeting candidates this week. I’m in NO rush. I want to make sure I do the right thing.

That’s it. I have no sewing in the actual works and don’t expect to get anything done for a while. But, still think about it every minute like I’m sewing for my supper. That my friends, is the definition of obsession.