1. Cool video. I’m dying to see what their finished costumes will look like, but, I don’t forsee myself going halfway across the country anytime soon….

  2. Wow, I have been in that room and it is just as amazing as it appears on the video. I wonder if Jill Andrews is no longer a draper there? I met with her back in 2004 to be measured for a corset that she made for me. She is soooo talented and I loved meeting her.
    As we know, this is Smalltimore we are talking about … interesting tidbit- my brother was working at Center Stage at the time building sets. I think Jill is running her own bridal shop now, not sure.

    GREAT video!!

  3. Very interesing! I checked out a few of the related videos – So you all “think you are normal, but you are really weird”? I loved the Mayor’s suit (opening night video). Thanks for the link. It looks like a great play.

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