Atlanta Wedding

I’m back from my 36 hour Atlanta adventure. I was there for a traditional Indian / Hindu wedding of a dear friend. I was SO EXCITED to go to this wedding because I’ve never been to an Indian wedding. And, it lived up to all my expectations!

We should probably discuss the fact that I am going to be wearing a sari whenever feasible for the forseeable future. I just wanted to grab fabric and start running! They are stunning.

The ceremony started at 7:30 on Friday morning and took place at a Hindu temple in Atlanta.

We had to take our shoes off. I planned ahead and got a pedicure πŸ™‚ But, I did scramble to scratch off my Payless Shoe Source price tag from the sole…

During the trip, I was able to stay with BhoomhikaΒ of Wearable Toile, who first introduced the bride and I last fall (what was I thinking with that red hair??).

She was kind of enough to loan me a traditional garment (I know it’s not a sari, but I don’t recall the name).

Do you look Bhoomhika’s sari? It was such a pleasure watching her mom help her dress.

The ceremony was beautiful, spiritual and I was absolutely engrossed.

And the bride… the bride took my breath away

Can we talk about how cool her entrance was? She was carried in a basket by her uncles.

Later that night was the reception

Unfortunately, I don’t have a good photo of me in the yellow vintage ensemble which I wore to the reception.

But, it was a fun wear and I can’t wait to break it out again. Oh, and you can be sure I will be wearing a bindi whenever and wherever I can.

So, I’m back home and it’s C-O-L-D. Brrrrrr. I’m starting to think my red trench is not as bad as I thought. And, I may sew up the already cut warmer to get a bit more wear out of it. Thanks for all the feedback πŸ™‚ It’s definitely growing on me.


  1. What a blessing to experience another culture and another way of doing things! For me that, along with God, family and creativity, is the thing that makes life worth living!

  2. That’s so much fun! You look pretty in the blue traditional Indian outfit. I think it’s called lehenga. (In Malaysia where I’m from we call it lengga) πŸ™‚

  3. La! How beautiful! The wedding, the participants, and the guests! Your borrowed traditional finery is lovely on you (and I rather liked your red hair …).

  4. Wow, that’s all very impressing. Love all the bright colors and the traditional indian clothing! You looked beautiful – in the vintage suit as well as in the indian clothing!

  5. I can’t remember what your outfit is called either, but our friends had one made for Alex when we went to India for a family wedding. It’s for unmarried women. She was asked what color and it was a glorious deep pink silk.. The tailor made her top when we got there. The weddings are pretty spectacular; the one we went to was 4 days long and huge. The saris were incredible and the jewelry! Extraordinary.
    The actual ceremony reminded me of an Orthodox Jewish wedding but a lot more colorful! I don’t know how much a Jain wedding differs from Hindu though. (we went to a Jain wedding).
    When we were in India the younger women for the most part only wore saris for special occasions. The older generation wore them all the time.

  6. You look amazing in that traditional gown. I want the little jacket that goes with the dress ;-)))) And that yellow vintage outfit. Please more pictures. It looks like such a nice wedding. I want to go to weddings as well :o) They are so romantic and fun. Great post RenΓ©e !

  7. Ooohhhh! Thanks so much for sharing photos. I’ve never been to an Indian wedding, but have seen Monsoon Wedding about a billion times, mostly to gawk at the textiles (saw some of the costumes in person at FIDM, Los Angeles – incredible). Beautiful wedding and the traditions of a culture I know so little about is intriguing.

  8. Yay! What a fun weekend! Its called a Gagra choli. It’s traditionally from Gujarat. It looked amazing on you, btw. I think you might look even better in baby blue than pink!

  9. Oh – I absolute adore saris!!! They are so wonderful. Fortunately we have a very vibrant Indian (not Native American,but that too), culture here and they have a fabulous store to purchase and select all sorts of saris. I just love playing with the borders, trims and all to make something really special from them! Love your traditional outfit.

  10. I would call what you are wearing a Lengha Choli. The scarf is called a dupatta. Indian weddings and fashions are amazing aren’t they? I’ve lived in India for 2.5 years and never get tired of seeing the colors that people wear every single day. πŸ™‚

  11. Oh so beautiful.

    I concur that you are likely wearing a Lehenga Choli.

    I spent six months in India a few years back and I desperately miss wearing saris and shalwar kameezes. There is something about a sari that always made me feel regal and rather sexy all at once. They give everyone an hourglass figure and there is nothing like being draped in six metres of silk. And I found I was treated much differently when I was wearing a sari.

    I’m glad you had a fabulous time.

  12. 1. What a treat to see these wedding photos– thanks for sharing!
    2. awesome chalk art on the pavement!
    3. you look FANTASTIC in the icy blue clothes! very pretty:)

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