To Finish, or Not to Finish… And Mobbie Update

First, a little Mobbie update. A reader kindly emailed me to let me know that i was in fact nominated in two categories, Lifestyle and DIY. I didn’t event realize! You are able to vote in both categories (every day until the tenth *cough*). But, I am campaigning on DIY 😀 Just click on the badge below and vote, every day. I am shameless.

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Right now, my closest competition is a multiple-authored blog. So, I’m really hustling for every vote I can get. If that means I have to write a new post every day and actually start sewing so I can remind you to vote, it’ a cross I will happily bear 🙂

What makes you finish a UFO? Finishing the red trench was one of my three major UFOs. I’m off next Friday and thinking of having a UFO long weekend. What are the rest of my UFOs?

This tuxedo jacket to go with my tuxedo pants. I have worn the business out of these pants I love them so! But, the jacket? Meh. The pocket placement got jacked (my fault). It took me months to buy lining. And now, I can’t find one of the already completed (but not sewn in) sleeves. Should I finish it? I dunno. I don’t know that I’ll love it with the pockets being off placement. I didn’t muslin either so I’m still not sure about the final fit.

This Hot Patterns Pyramid bag! I really want to finish this. Especially since when I got the bill from the print shop it was $250 for reducing the pattern! Don’t worry, it was resolved and reduced to $14 or so. But, still. It’s leather. It’s pretty much now all ready to go. I’m probably missing pieces from it too!

The third and fourth UFO? Nothing too serious. An in-progress-bra and a workout top that I kind of need. I just spent an obscene amount of money at City Sports buying running gear. Not that I’ll ever be a runner. But, I had to cut back on my ballet classes because I enjoy having heat in the winter and food on the table. I’ve been running all of two times but would like to stick with it until I can actually run one mile without wheezing and collapsing.

So, how many UFOs do you have floating? Which ones are you going to actually finish and which ones are you going to bail on?


  1. Looks as if you’ve done a really good job on it so far. Sharp smooth seams and edges. Can’t see a major prob with the pockets. Finish it and pass it on if you still can’t live with it but I think it will look really great.

  2. Actually, I voted for you in at least three categories yesterday. I believe the last one had to do with photography.

  3. I had to really mess around with the Balt. Sun website yesterday to let me create an account, log on and vote. It just goes to show how I spend my time and how carefully I set priorities, ha ha. Cuz I did have stuff to do.

    Then I thought about writing a post on my blog to convince people that I can beat you and they should vote for me, ha ha. Yes, I really know how to make good use of my time, all right!

    I hope you really finish some UFO’s and motivate me to do the same. I have plenty sitting around and no excuse. It would be great to finish all of them. Maybe I will make it UFO November and push myself a little bit.

  4. I’d hate to see that pretty jacket go to waste, I think you should finish it. Or turn it into a cool vest. 😉

    Good luck on your Mobbie thing, may you kick some serious butt on the DIY category. 🙂

  5. Oh, lord! Is it technically an unfinished object if all I have left to do is sew on a button? Cuz i gots lots of that kind of ufo.

  6. I found you in 3 categories – adn don’t forget to vote for best Overall Blog! at the end. As for UFO’s – I am not commenting!

  7. Make the leather bag – it’ll be gorgeous – plus you don’t sound too excited about the jacket!

  8. Wow, I have so many UFOs it’s embarrassing. I really need to work on it, it’s becoming a problem. I get too easily distracted by other projects!! But your jacket looks great, finish it and then decide, even if you don’t like it, someone else would!

  9. This garment still has potential for gorgeousness. Make it into a vest and do something to camouflage the pockets. Flaps maybe?

  10. Kinda odd that they lump Best Deals blogs in with Best DIY blogs!

    On running – about 2 years ago I ran my first mile with the help of this training program for my Ipod – (no affiliation other than the program worked for me.) My bigger goal was to “run 30 minutes without wanting to die” – so a similar goal to yours. After a mile, I ran my first 5k and then 10k, and in just a few weeks, I’ll be running my first half marathon. I still don’t think I’m “a runner” – if I can do it, just about anyone can. Good luck and remember that every run is not going to be a good run – sometimes you just have to say “ok, at least I got thru it” and then get back out there next time.

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